Sunday, November 4, 2012

Baby Brain: Magical Pregnancy Unicorn

I am still flabbergasted how different this pregnancy feels to my first pregnancy. I am in the 12 week and I am begging for the relief that I read about in my books. My doctor was so sweet and reassured me that the morning sickness wills soon pass. I just hope I am not one of those 1 in a million where the morning sickness lasts all pregnancy.

In an effort to not get sick I have been taking it really easy. When I wake in the morning I usually sit and read for a good half hour nibbling on cheese its and sipping water that I always have on my night stand. Over the past few days I have been feeling a little better. Not good but I have seen a marked improvement.

Of course then I decided to do something really dumb. You see I am allergic to milk, but my blood work showed lower levels of calcium. I thought the baby could use a little more dairy, so I asked my doctor and she affirmed what I read, that sometimes during pregnancy allergies can be weirdly absent. Instead of dipping my toe in the water and trying a little more cheese in my diet I decided to go and drink a half glass of chocolate milk.

For the next 18 hours I died a million little stomach deaths.

Come to find out I am not a magical pregnancy unicorn and my milk allergy is in fact in full force. I will just have to get my calcium from other areas… bring on the almonds and the kale.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Maybe try calcium fortified Orange Juice too.

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