Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Misfit Holiday


I just love a pot luck Thanksgiving. I made some pumpkin bread and an apple pie yesterday so all that was on my list to do today was to cook the whopping 23 pound turkey today. I was only having 11 people over but I wanted to make sure everyone got to take home so left overs and that I would get enough to make some yummy turkey soup. With so many people joining us everyone just brought a dish or two and we had a ton of food to gorge ourselves on. It is so much easier doing pot luck!


I was a little worried about the Turkey. Mr. Rogue and I usually cook Thanksgiving together. It is so funny how you fall into a routine with someone; we become two halves of a whole. He defrosts the turkey, he preps it the next morning, he spices it and he makes the gravy. So this year I had quite a bit of worry over how my solo turkey would come out. And I am happy to say everything was fantastic; absolutely divine. And my gravy rocked!!!



Of course we ate, and we ate and then we ate some more. And then dessert was served. By the end of the three hour eating marathon everyone was super tired. We all just took a nap at the table… just kidding. Instead we headed to the family room where we arranged ourselves draped over furniture or even laid out flat on the floor. We stuck in some movie and then half of us fell asleep. The games I had taken out very obviously got ignored. Next year we will have to bring out the games before the food coma sets in!



paul peggy zeus said...

LOVE the before and after picture. YEAH!!! then OMG I can't believe I ate the whole thing! cute!

Jess said...

In my belly!!!! yum yum!

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