Friday, October 12, 2012

Time Warp

Ms. Pixie has now lived with us a little less than a month. She moved in to attend college, which is just minutes from our home. Mr. Rogue and I had long discussions about inviting her to come stay with us, we had worried about adding another person into the house, but we are family and family stick together. I have to say that it now feels like Ms. Pixie has always been here. She has managed the impossible, seamlessly sliding into the spaces of our lives. It is awesome, I have a buddy during the day and I don’t feel so alone and we have another person at the dinner table than just Mr. Rogue and I.


Of course Mr. Rogue has lived with Ms. Pixie before; when Mr. Rogue was 21 and Ms. Pixie just 8. To him Ms. Pixie feels like a little sister rather than a niece and it is cute to see them interacting together.


It is pretty sad that I am not up to my usual crazy busy self. I am just too tired and Ms. Pixie has been mostly just sitting around with me. I had so many plans when she moved in, so many fun things we could do together but right now I am feeling a little lame.

Ahh well, school will start very soon for her and then she will be super duper busy. Until then maybe we can find some low key things to keep us occupied…. Badazzaling pumpkins anyone?

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paul peggy zeus said...

You are anything but lame. It's nice to have some companionship around while Mr. Rogue is busy at work.

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