Monday, October 1, 2012

The Month of Halloween Begins

Halloween is my probably my favorite holiday, and I only say probably because I also adore Christmas. However Halloween is the only time of the year you get to dress up and pretend that you are something or someone else. I love the wackiness of it, the crazy costumes and the feeling that for one day you get to be a kid again in a land of make believe.

Today Ms. Pixie and I went through my Halloween bins to decorate the house. The first bin however we opened was some random Halloween costume pieces that she began to try on. We were having such a great time giggling like kids… and then of course Rogue had to join in the fun!



Every year on October 1st I drag out my bins of Halloween decorations and DO up the house! We finally found the decoration bins and not so long after we finished decorating the house. Since we moved last year into this house in November this is the first time I have decorated for Halloween here. I found out that my decorations didn’t go very far in filling up the house. Our last home was much smaller than this one. I will have to get more when everything goes on clearance soon.

And Ms. Pixie and I are already planning our Halloween costumes. I can’t wait for October 31st!!! MUHAHAHAHAHHAA.


paul peggy zeus said...

I love Rogues costume and still remember when you wore it.

Jennifer Arens said...

Oh my goodness rogue is awesome! I'm excited for our couples costume this year!

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