Friday, October 5, 2012

Seurat the Mind Screwer

I got Seurat, my super old, mostly crotchety cat a new toy the other day. I am not really sure what prompted me to get it because Seurat has distained all his toys for years. He refuses to play with any of them but something about this little bit of cloth on a stick caught my eye so like an indulgent parent I picked it up KNOWING that he would not play with it. Just goes to show you that I know nothing when it comes to this cat. I swear he purposely does the exact opposite of what I think just to screw with me. That cat, he ADORES his new toy. Plays with it for hours on end and even curls up with it.


Sometimes I look at Seurat or Rogue and my heart just melts. It is so hard loosing a pet and both my babies are getting old. They do get on my nerves, they do get hair all over everything, but I just adore them. Especially when they cuddle up together to take a nap.



paul peggy zeus said...

So Sweet. Love how well these two get along.

Jess said...

Hehe, Leo has one of those things and he is completely obsessed with it.

Jennifer Arens said...

Yes our animals sleep 20/24 hours a day. Rough life!

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