Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KTG 3: Pumpkin Carving

Our group got together tonight for some good ole pumpkin carving fun. I missed out on carving a pumpkin last year so I was excited to start one this year. Halloween after all is my favorite holiday. It was just a small group of four, two of the group were traveling abroad and another three had to work late.

I arrived earlier than the rest and I had to exclaim with glee when I walked into the house. I had never been to this members house before but I fell in complete love with their family room/dinning area. I especially loved the 12 lights, wrapped in metal hanging from the ceiling. There were three different designs of lamps and it looked ecletic and funky.


The other focal point that caught my eye was the fantastic wine wrack. Old reclaimed wood with a slight orange tint was superbly showcased by a gun metal blue wall. It worked perfectly as a functional piece of art.


Everyone started arriving just as I was finished oggling the decor. Finally it was pumpkin carving time!


I dont remember carving pumpkins as so difficult. Of course I am still not feeling that well and I am still not battling feeling sick. Midway through I wanted to stop but I continued through. I still want to do so much more than I actually can do right now. Even carving a pumpkin is hard work, its so frustrating. Regardless we all had an amazing time!



The pumpkins all came out fabulous. I did a jack-o-lantern face and I loved how it came out!



Jennifer Arens said...

Looks spooky and fabulous!

paul peggy zeus said...

Looks very cool!! Loved the weird designs used for carving. Ms Dancer looked so intent in her concentration on her "subject". :)

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