Wednesday, September 26, 2012

KTG 2: A Lesson in Cooking Macaroons

Since I am new to the KTG group (Kitchen Table Group) I offered to host the next gathering. Essentially the group meets once every other Tuesday for a get together. Once every other month is a goal meeting to go over where you are with your list of goals and what you have accomplished, add any new goals and encourage each other with ideas to accomplish them. The rest of the meetings are just meet ups to hang out and do something fun. The gathering always has a theme and the hostess is left to decide on the theme. So I was hosting I had no idea what to do and then I thought that cooking something could be interesting. Since I have been on a macaroon craze, and since LALA land has been on a macaroon craze I decided to teach everyone how to make macaroons!

It was perfect. At least it would have been perfect if I had any energy. I have been so out of it, tired and nauseous. I had therapy and the OBGYN appointment and I left everything until last minute which is totally unlike me. In the end Mrs. Dancer choose the two recipes we would do as well as went to the store four times to get the ingredients. Yup thats right she did all the hard work, I just cleaned the kitchen. LOVE HER, Mrs. Dancer to the rescue.


We separated the girls into two teams; a lemon team and a raspberry/mint team. Mrs. Dancer and I just helped with the theory and showed them the basic steps but the girls did most of the work. Cooking in the kitchen with eight girls was super fun. It ended up being a great idea making macaroons. Ms. Pixie even joined in on the fun.


Once the cookies were made it was time to make the filing. My team made a lemon curd filling for the lemon cookies we had just finished and Mrs. Dancer's team made a chocolate ganache. Both turned out heavenly and we were all licking our fingers, and the bowls clean.


While the cookies set and then baked we all sat down to eat, drink champaign and relax. I love girl time.


Macaroons are so difficult. Even after making them a half a dozen times I still end up with iffy results. Today the lemon batter from my team felt great, and the raspberry/mint batter from Mrs. Dancers team felt wrong. In the end however the raspberry/mint batter came out almost perfectly (by look) they were a little chewy, while the lemon batter came out flat and ugly but tasting great. SIGH.


I had to laugh when I finished taking the cookies off the pans and brought the plate to the counter. All the girls whipped out their phones to take photos. I thought the photo of taking photos was hilarious. We live in a world where so many can now be photographers. We can document all our fun things and post them to Instagram, Facebook or blogs. The ME generation in full force!


The cookies came out adorable. I particularly loved the look of the raspberry mint cookies. All the girls were super happy with the results and in the end we had a fantastic time. I was relieved that my macaroon idea went over so well.


Although we didn't make a dozen for each girl, that would have taken forever, we spilt the remaining cookies between the girls so they could take some home. My favorite part is that this morning everyone was posting on Facebook that they ate their take home cookies for breakfast. YUMMMM macaroons.



Mrs Painter said...

I love the idea behind the KTG group! So glad Ms Pixie is able to have all these new experiences. Oh...the cookies look magazine worthy. YUM:)

paul peggy zeus said...

MMM Love Macaroons, one of my favs!

paul peggy zeus said...

I think I got all caught up, let me know if I missed anything else. . . :) Thanks for sending me those links = AWESOME!

Jennifer Arens said...

That sounds like a grand afternoon!

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