Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Home & Garden: Secret Life of Hoarders

Moving into this house almost a year ago has been a lesson in patience. Filling it with furniture, organizing and decorating all take loads of time and of course things aren’t perfect which requires hours of arranging and rearranging. We are finally getting to a point where most things have a nice permanent home however there are places that are still full of chaos.

For instance we used to have a spare bedroom for guests. Since the bedrooms each have GIGANTIC closets I kept a small portion empty for guests to hang clothes, I used the rest of the closet to hold my massive amount of books and all the extra linens for the house. Yes this house is almost perfect yet it has no linen closet… I blame that the architect was male. Then we also used to have a hobby room dedicated to our photography equipment, my arts and crafts things, a gift wrapping collection (I have a problem with buying too much pretty wrapping paper) and a gigantic table I was using as command center for sewing the curtains of the house.

NOW however I had to empty the craft room and chuck all that stuff into what used to be the guest bedroom. Then I took the guest bedroom furniture and put it in the now empty craft room so Ms. Pixie could have her own room and bathroom. Sadly that leaves the old guestroom, closet full of books and linens and room full of all things crafty, massively disorganized. I always knew when we got pregnant that I would eventually have to combine the craft room and the guest room however I wasn’t planning on having my niece come live with us. Which means no craft room and no guest room; panic attack starting.



It isn’t impossible by any means. There are other closets in the house that could hold more and there is shelving in the garage that could hold more and worst case scenario we could build some long term storage for my extensive holiday decorations in the attic. So there are solutions. I am talking to my rent a husband about adding in that attic feature tomorrow, much to Mr. Rogue’s delight. But it is going to take quite a bit of MORE arranging to get everything a home. And I have a timeline because come January, when Mr. Rogue has a month off, we want to start concentrating on decorating the nursery. However there is no way any painting or decorating is going to happen if the room is full of stuff. Right now the what will be the nursery resembles a room from the show Hoarders. I just hope once the second trimester hits I will be able to get some energy together to get this room cleaned out, the curtains finished and a room for the baby put together. Right now, with how I feel, I barely have the energy to open the door and take a photo for you. And we all know that after the baby gets here there will be no time for anything ever again!


paul peggy zeus said...

I can see you have your work cut out for you. I hope that surge of energy comes, you're going to need it. I spy with my little eye, your original baby quilt Pam made for you, the quilt I made for you, and the wall hanging that used to hang in our RV. Awesome!! Do I smell a pack rat?

Jennifer Arens said...

Cannot say I envy your job Lol

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