Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthday Week: Who Shot Rock & Roll

Since Mr. Rogue and I had plans tomorrow for my birthday Mrs. Dancer, Ms. Pixie and I all ventured to go out to celebrate a day early. We decided to go to the Anneburgh Space for Photography a small but killer little gallery with fabulous exhibits.

We parked and walked through the business district. The museum is nestled in a beautiful courtyard and it just a short walk to the museum. A pretty beautiful sunny day, we didn’t mind!


The Annenburgh Space for Photography was the first museum dedicated purely to photography in the United States. Now of course there are several other spaces throughout the US, but it is cool that this museum was the start. The exhibit today was ‘Who Shot Rock & Roll’ dedicated to those photographers who had the ‘in’ with famous rock stars, who would think of nothing of traveling for months with the band getting fantastic candid’s that stars now-a-days would never allow.



Of course you are not allowed to take photos of the works of art on display. Many museums will allow you to take pictures of their permanent collections; there isn’t any drama about copywrite issues then. However with exhibits like these, where almost every work of art is by a different photographer it is virtually impossible to try and negotiate that everyone’s work of art will be safe. It always makes me sad when I can’t take photos of the experience but we had a fantastic time otherwise.


That is we had a fantastic time until Ms. Pixie started feeling ill. She ducked out early to go sit on a bench outside. And then I started feeling queasy. I muscled through the rest of the exhibit, I wasn’t about to not finish, but in the end we decided to skip dinner. Mrs. Dancer was so sweet, she totally understood. So we went home and snuggled on the couch.


paul peggy zeus said...

I love Ms Dancer's outfit, so cute! And you look lovely next to Tina! Do I see a glow?? I think so!

Jennifer Arens said...

Indian food recall? Add that to the list of places :-)

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