Friday, September 28, 2012

WAIT... OH MY... NOW I Remember

This morning I had my first ever attendance at Jury Duty. I wasn't avoiding it I just never got summoned. I am assuming it is because I moved around so much, three different states and apartment hopping at least once a year. It must have been pretty hard to track people like me down to a specific courthouse and district. Regardless I actually got my first summons last October but the dates I needed to be in court were the dates we were signing for the new house and moving. I post-poned it and then post-poned it again... and then I forgot. So I wrote a letter requesting a new date and got scheduled to go in this week. I called on Sunday at midnight and was told that I had to report in on Friday. At least it didn't tie up my whole week.

So this morning I woke up bright, early and nauseous. I was late because I kept hitting snooze. I had a nice long drive to Compton. YUP I got scheduled to the same courthouse as my husband (he went last Friday) the worst courthouse in the LALA land area. I made it to the courthouse just as the sunrise was kissing the building a beautiful pink.


I sat down minutes before the 7:45am meeting time. The room was pretty empty and I settled in with my book to wait out the long day. A few minutes later a man walked up to the podium, seems like there were a number of trials scheduled today and they were all canceled. We were told to fill out a form and then we would be dismissed for the day. The weird thing is that this is the EXACT same thing that happened to my husband the week before. He had also missed his court date and was rescheduled to show up on a Friday. I talked to three other women as we waited in line, all three of them had missed their first court date. It got me wondering if Fridays were reserved for those that don't show up and if they ever have court on Friday. Regardless I was happy I got to go home.

I had a massage appointment gift certificate that expired the end of the month. I had scheduled a visit for Saturday but decided since my day just opened up that I would just go today. Since it was last minute and since I needed to get the pregnancy massage I just took whoever was available. I got to my appointment, I got called back by my technician and I settled in to enjoy the massage. But then about halfway through I didn't feel anything for a minute. I peeked to take a look at what the technician was doing and he was weirdly waving his hands over me. I cocked my head... something about this was vaguely familiar. I know I have never had this technician before but something was niggling at the back of my mind. Anyways the massage continued and then at the end the technician placed his hands in the center of my back and then just left them there jiggling them oh so slightly. WAIT... OH MY... NOW I remember.

A few months ago Mrs. Dancer and I brought Ms. Ivy to the spa to get her first massage. Both Mrs. Dancer and I were called back first so we didn't get to see her technician but we DID get to hear about his weird arm waving chakra aligning weirdness. Here I was with her birkenstock hippie freak! Too funny.

After the massage I went home to take a nap. Later in the evening we had plans to take Ms. Pixie out for her first taste of oh so heavenly sushi. K-zo is our all time favorite sushi place so we made reservations. Mr. & Mrs. Dancer meet us there and even Mr. Fruit came along. The boys ordered a few bottles of Sake so Ms. Pixie got her first taste of that as well. We ended up all ordering our favorites for Ms. Pixie to try and she was a trouper trying everything from the spicy shashito peppers to the spicy tuna roll to the eel.


The only thing she passed on was the large pieces of shashimi but that is something that took me a year to try. She loved it all. For a girl who said she doesn't like seafood she sure has loved the things that we have given her. First the lobster and now sushi. We were all so proud of her!




paul peggy zeus said...

Way to try out new things Ms. Pixie. How come everyone has red eyes except for you and Mr Rogue??? Photo shop is needed!!

Inzodda said...

Yay to all of Ms. Pixie's new experiences in LALA land. As for you, I hope you weren't eating any raw sushi. Although the chances are very slim of getting ill from a parasitic infection it is possible, it is a pregnancy NO NO.

Jennifer Arens said...

If I ever have jury duty,I hope I get a massage and sushi too Lol

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