Monday, October 8, 2012

Baby Brain: Narcolepsy

Mrs. Dancer has been trying to take me out to dinner for my birthday all week. Sadly every time we make plans I am not feeling well. She is totally understanding but I still feel bad canceling so many plans. The first time we tried we just ended up chatting on the couch for two hours. The second time I made it through the shopping portion of our day but then I flaked out on the dinner portion (hey at least I made it through half that time). And today we tried yet again to have dinner. This time was just like the others and we ended up just chatting in the comfy chairs in my family room. Midway through our conversation I must have somehow fallen asleep… because I woke up an hour later to this sight.


Yup I have a great friend who not only doesn’t get angry when I cancel so many times but who also decides to just join you when you fall asleep mid conversation!


paul peggy zeus said...

Oh My Goodness Sakes.

Jennifer Arens said...

Haha pregnant and wiped out! You're contagious!

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