Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby Brain: My OBGYN is Part Vampire

I got my blood drawn at my last appointment. Seeing as I am going in every two weeks for tests and ultrasounds I feel pretty confident that my Dr. will hopefully be able to catch something before it becomes a big problem. So to say I have been giving blood often is a massive understatement. Considering what a ninny I was at giving even a tiny bit of blood pre-baby trying I can now possibly be considered a pro. Too bad that pro status comes with track marks on my right arm. AWESOME.

However with all these blood tests comes confirmation that everything is going well. I know that they are necessary, I just wish I could have a normal pregnancy, but normal seems like some other universe for me. This, testing, poking, prodding is my new normal.

So the nurse called me with an update on my test results. First were the blood tests. My hormone levels continue to look good and since my progesterone levels are now stabilizing and since I am in my 9th week I can now stop taking the progesterone medication I have been giving myself once a day. Which makes me super happy.

The only negative in my blood work is that my vitamin D was super low. I am taking a prenatal with a vitamin D supplement in it but for some reason my body needs more. A simple solution is to take 4400 IUs of vitamin D for the next three months and retest to make sure that the levels have gone up. Pretty easy, a pill I can do.

I also got tested for the group B or what they call the “Baby Strep”. If you have never been pregnant I doubt you have ever heard of this bacteria. This one doesn’t cause any issues, no side effects and a good 50% of the population they assume have it. It is a bacteria that is only bad for babies during labor and delivery where the mother can transmit the virus to the baby. Pregnant women therefore are routinely tested for the Baby Strep in pregnancy. My doctor likes to test around week 10 and then again around week 35. My first pregnancy I was tested and my results were negative, this time I came out positive. My doctor prefers to give a low dose antibiotic three times a day for a week to get rid of the bacteria before delivery. However I could still get it again and test positive in my 35th week. If that happens I would get a low dose of antibiotics in an IV during delivery to prevent the baby from getting it.

All in all it was all good news. I just need to add the new pills to my routine and voila! Modern medicine is grand and will hopefully get me a happy healthy baby.



paul peggy zeus said...

I've been pregnant three times, but have never been tested for or heard of this bacteria thing before. You're not only going to be a pro at giving blood, but also a pro at everything related to pregnancy too!

Jess said...

Boo to having to take meds! Your doing so well :) Love you!

Jennifer Arens said...

I used to be unable to swallow pills easiy, then pregnancy happened. New I'm back to my original..

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