Saturday, August 25, 2012

We Started the Visit with the Hollywood Bowl

Mr. & Mrs. Faith, my husband’s parents, arrived today from Raleigh Durham. They were in town specifically to see Mrs. Fruits parents who are visiting from the Philippines and say goodbye to Mrs. Fruit and her two children who would be visiting the Philippines until after Christmas. Since Mr. & Mrs. Faiths boys would be working crazy hours and since Mrs. Fruit already had her parents staying at their house we decided that the Faiths would be staying in our home. That first day they landed in the afternoon and we just chilled out at the house. Both Mr. Faith and Mrs. Faith took a cat nap, it was needed, with the time difference and since we were going to be out late.

We had tickets for all four of us to go to the Hollywood Bowl and see Diana Krall a blues singer similar to maybe Norah Jones. We arrived at the Bowl in plenty of time to sit down and enjoy our picnic baskets. Mr. Rogue for some reason doesn’t like to get into the spirit of packing and bringing food into the Bowl. So today in deference to his preference I ordered two picnic baskets that are packed and left in your box by the Bowl employees. I have to say it ended up being a fantastic idea, the food was really yummy. We had honey stung chicken, potato salad, some bread, Cesar and mixed green salad, cheesecake and strawberries with Chantilly cream. OH MY there was plenty for everyone to eat and it was all so good.


After we ate we still had time to just hang out and chit chat before the concert started. The Faith’s had gotten the program and we learned so much about Diana Krall that I didn’t know before; like that she is a killer pianist. It is really hard with family all scattered across the US. I feel like I never get to see anyone enough, it was lovely to spend the night hanging out.


This was my first time hearing Diana Krall live and she was INCREDIBLE. The rifts she managed on the piano that she played were so fast and her deep smoky voice moved over us like a heavy butter. Although I loved the concert I loved spending time with Mr. Rogue most. This is the part of his project that is so hard for me. He is gone all the time and moments when we can just hold hands and spend time together are precious.


Mom and dad sure loved the concert, dad managed to even snag a bucket of his favorite snack at half time, a giant tub of buttered popcorn. We got home at midnight; all of us sure were tired!


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paul peggy zeus said...

Sounds like a fun night with your in-laws. LOVE the Hollywood Bowl concerts.

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