Thursday, August 30, 2012

Then we All Jumped Ship

I woke up super early this morning, much to my dismay. The Fruits needed a second car; with two kids, four adults and luggage enough for five months for all of them. I volunteered before I knew that I had to leave my house at 5 AM. I got to the house on time and dropped off all the luggage. I managed to keep it mostly together at the airport but I balled like a baby the whole way home.

Funny enough Mom & Dad are also leaving this evening to go to Atlanta to visit their daughter Mrs. Painter and her family. And then I am leaving around the same time to fly to Arizona with the Owlbait's to go birding for four days. It was just coincidental that we all left on the same day. I bought my plane tickets a month ago before I even knew everyone else's travel plans. I am so happy it worked out.

Since Mom, Dad and I weren't leaving for the airport until tonight we opted to have lunch with their sons, Mr. Fruit and my Mr. Rogue. The past few months have been crazy and I haven't gotten to see Mr. Rogue very much at all. Although the boys are super busy at work we decided to just eat at El Torito which is right next to their office. Thank goodness the busy time at their office will be done in just two short weeks. HURRAH!!


I really loved the large chandelier shaped like big stars. I would love to have something like this in a kids room someday.


Since we had time mom suggested we go take a peek at The Art Institute of Los Angeles. My niece Ms. Pixie will be staying with us and attending sometime in the next few months. We tried to just go wandering around on our own but we got stopped. Apparently you are not allowed to be on campus without being a student. We got directed to someone who could give us a tour. I had taken a tour of the campus two years ago when my niece first showed interest in the school but it was nice to get a refresher, especially since she is now going for sure. We all had fun checking everything out.


After the tour we opted to go home and relax. We all had last minute packing to take care of. Plus traveling is always so exhausting; it was nice to relax before heading to the airport. We all shared a cab and then said good-bye.

I travel pretty often so I normally don't have any issues with airports but this time I royally screwed up. I was getting ready to go through the metal detectors. I put all of my luggage and the things in my hand into the bin, and then I got asked to go through the x-ray machine. Now I know a single x-ray isn't going to kill me but I am trying to get pregnant and x-rays are not my best friend right now so I opted to get the pat down instead. The officer took my items out of the bins and led me to the back. Easy peasy. She handed me my items and I left to meet up with Mr. & Mrs. Owlbait. But when it came time to board I realized that CRAP, DOUBLE-CRAP, TRIPPLE-CRAP, I didn't have my boarding pass or my driver’s license. Seems like when the officer took my belongings out of the bin she didn't check as carefully as I would have. I wasn't allowed anywhere near the bins for security reasons so I didn't double-check either. So here I am, with a plane ready to board without anything I need TO board.

So I started swearing like a sailor under my breath and I ran all the way back to the security checkpoint. I asked for lost and found, I located the officer who handed me my things, officers started scrambling through the bins but my items were not to be found. Worried I would miss my plane I ran back to my plane. I was plotting the whole way as I was running and dodging people. I figured I could get another boarding pass printed, I was after all past security and I did still have several non-official cards in my wallet with my photo on them. And then I would just need to get Mr. Rogue to fed-ex me my passport so I could get home.

I am now standing in line as the plane is boarding when I hear my name. Apparently one of the officers had found my driver’s license and boarding pass but instead of bringing it to me I had to run all the way BACK TO THE SECURITY CHECKPOINT. I was so happy with having my driver’s license back that the running only bothered me mildly. And oh right goody, with driver’s license in hand I ran all the way BACK TO THE PLANE. I get that the universe is trying to help me with my exercise goals but seriously!

I finally boarded the plane. Mr. & Mrs. Owlbait managed to get me room in the overhead for my camera gear and I was relieved when we finally took off. It was the most difficult time I have had in an airport in a long time... well since the Panama City debacle, last year.


Since Mr. & Mrs. Owlbait have been to Southeast Arizona every year for twenty years and since they were the experts I just let them create our itinerary. I was just happy to be included for the ride and didn't really get uptight about the schedule, where we were going, or how long we were going to each place. Totally not my M.O. but this is how this trip was going to go. Over the course of our three hour flight we had plenty of time to go over the where and when, I was actually surprised at how many stops we were going to do. Generally I go to one place, and possibly on very rare occasions I would go to two places. The Owlbait’s were hard core, they had 6-7 different locations a DAY! I am so super excited to try a different way of birding!


With my super early wakeup drive to the airport today, the running around of the today and the past week as well as the excitement of the trip I was so ready to get to bed. We stayed at the Four Points, near the airport and we settled on a 7AM departure. I got to my room, got my clothes ready for the next day and got ready for bed. OH MY WORD PEOPLE. Never in all of my life have I ever slept on a more comfortable mattress at a hotel. This little Sheraton got my scream of approval. My inner sleeping goddess was one happy little girl!!!



paul peggy zeus said...

You always seem to have drama at the airport, whether it be catching your heel in the escalator, or missing your connecting flight. Chalk this one up as just another 'Airport Episode'. lol. :+)

What a full itinerary they have planned for a few short days ! Holy Moly!

Jennifer Arens said...

I hope you had extra helpings of dessert for all your running around in the airport! Something about sleeping in a hotel alone makes me verrrrry sleepy and awesome at the same time!

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