Thursday, August 16, 2012

Supplements and a Pep Talk

When I moved to California about seven years ago and got a real job I started to pay more attention to my body. Not only did I have to actually think about exercise but I also started taking a general women’s multivitamin. Two and a half years ago I traded my multivitamin for some over the counter prenatal. But every day I took a single pill. That all changed as a result of some blood work I got done by my friend Ms. Yoga, who also happens to be a rock star nutritionist. According to the test my prenatal wasn’t doing its job in several areas and there are things that my prenatal also didn’t have that I needed.

Today Ms. Yoga came over with my new vitamin strategy and to give me a pep talk. Living with an eating disorder is hard and she is really trying to help me walk through the hurdles I have. My therapist is great and she is working on the feelings I am shoving aside that is causing my overeating but Ms. Yoga is working on more practical approaches. It is such a frustrating thing and I love that she is so committed to trying to help.

After our little heart to heart she walked me through the plan she mapped out for me that will jumpstart me on the things that I am lacking. I was a little shocked at how many things that I will be taking but she assured me that within a month I would be feeling better. And then later, once those items are back in their normal ranges, I can cut back. I am now taking 5 pills in the morning and 6 pills at night. The hope is that by giving my body the building blocks it specifically needs than I can feel better and prevent my body from becoming deficient. Some people believe that these deficiencies if left too low or too high over a long period of time actually cause cancer.


In three months I will be retaking my nutrition test and the hope is that my numbers will be much better because of these supplements and avoiding milk and eggs. Until then I will be taking my mountain of pills with breakfast and dinner for the hope of a happier, healthier, me!

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paul peggy zeus said...

Here's to you kiddo! Be well, and glad these are helping.

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