Saturday, September 15, 2012

Social Sunday at the Viceroy

Living in LALA land offers lots of fun things to do all the time. In the city that never sleeps, where the sun never stops shining, there is always something to do. The hard part is to try and narrow it down when you start looking. Last week Mrs. Viking sent an email out to a few of us girls to spend a Sunday evening at the Social Night at the oh so posh Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica.


The hotel was oh so fabulous. If I could decorate my house all over again, I know I know I just about finished, however if I COULD then I would love to do an emerald green theme in a room. Everything was just super gorgeous. The party was held out back with tall sweeping white chairs and black and white marble tables. The d├ęcor outsides was a black and white theme and just as amazing. I especially loved the grey walls and the black and white plates decorating them.


Six of the girls were able to come and we got a nice comfy table right out front. There was a live two man band that was fantastic. I love live music in LALA land it is almost always awesome. The best part aside from the fantastic music, food and hanging out with the girls is that they had a game on every table.



The buffet was a little expensive but after the first few bites I knew it was going to be totally worth it. And can I gush for while about the super amazing plates. I have a thing about my food touching, especially at a buffet, where food loves to just be piled onto a plate all glopping together. These wooden plates had four individual sections and I was able to enjoy my amazing un-touching food.


Sadly all the girls were enjoying a yummy glass of wine and I was the odd man out. It is the one thing I am going to miss, an occasional glass of fantastic wine with dinner. Not that I am complaining, I am so happy for the REASON I cannot have a glass of wine, but not having wine makes me whine! So instead I indulged in sprite; which wasn’t nearly as exciting!


I was told by one of the girls in the group, who also loves design, that I just had to check out the bathrooms. Oh and that I had to bring my camera. If I was in love with the interior design of the common rooms of the Viceroy then I was in absolute ecstasy with that bathroom. With vibrant Kelly Green tiles, chandeliers and mirrored wallpaper in fantastic designs I couldn’t help but fall in love all over again with the decorating team at the Viceroy!


After we finished indulging ourselves with the food and playing our board games we headed over to the pool area for some photo opps. I love that about this group, all of them love taking photos as much as I do! We chilled out in the lounge chairs by the pool, we took photos of all our kick butt LALA land shoes and then we took another photo with the chairs inside the foyer.




Sadly this was the last Social Sunday of the year (they only have them in the summer) but I will be sure to put this on my calendar for next year.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Yeah for friends who love great photo ops, good times, delicious wines AND Stylish shoes too!

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