Monday, August 20, 2012

Nerdy Birdy: Wanna Go Chase

Sorry there was a coding glitch on this post, for some reason none of the photos were showing up. Its fixed now. :)

There is a term in birding, it is called chasing. Basically prominent birders have access to writing on a Google group, and that Google group will list sightings and locations of unusual birds. Most of the time the birds are here too early for migration or too late, but sometimes a rarity pops up that gets everyone excited. Mrs. Owlbait texted me this afternoon. Apparently someone spotted a Yellow Hooded Warbler, something that is a very rare visitor from the East Coast.

Since I wasn’t doing anything I was ready to try to find the warbler, so I took off. I met them after work, Mrs. Owlbait had the printout of the location in her hand. The sun was setting and we didn’t have a ton of time but people had been reporting seeing it throughout the day so we were hopeful.



After a few wrong turns, this was a really big park, we finally found the right trail. After walking for about a half mile we hit our marker, a large green trash bin next to a tree with graffiti. I sure do love LALA land that this is our nature marker for finding this bird. Anyways we started to scan the trees but it was pretty silent. After a half hour we had to give up. There wasn’t a single sign of the warbler and it was getting dark.


I have gone on two other chases from postings on that Google group and both times I got to see the bird. This time sadly the bird was a no show but that is the luck of the draw. But just because we didn’t find the bird doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun trying and besides when you fail at birding there is always good food to make up for it. Yummmmmmmmmmm pizza!



Jess said...

Hey Girl,
Your photos aren't loading! xo

paul peggy zeus said...

Chase 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . ????

paul peggy zeus said...

Now I see, much, much better.

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