Tuesday, September 11, 2012

KTG 1: Kitchen Table Group

“We look forward to our gatherings because we knew that it was the one place in our lives where we would be heard. It was a place where other women would listen intently without judgment. We can state without one ounce of doubt that being able to tell our story to another woman saved our sanity and, in some cases, saved our lives. We believe that every woman needs to create for herself a safe place where her story can be heard. A place and time convened with women friends who care about her well-being. We know from our own experience that staying connected with each other has made all the difference in our ability to cope with the challenges we’ve faced over the years. Our first and most important way to keep your head above water when life threatens to drag you down is to convene a gathering of kitchen table friends.” – author unknown

Although I don’t have a problem reaching goals in general I do like much of the concepts of the group and encouragement in all forms can help make life, which is hard, that much easier. The last few years I have been thrown around, I have had to question my faith in the good of people, I have had to question the way I do things and why and all of that has taken a toll on my soul. I want to create deeper more important people in my inner circle; people I can count on in a crisis, people who are good that help me be a better me. So I am trying a KTG group that Mrs. Dancer has been a part of for the past three years; a group that she values highly in her life.

And to be in that group you need to create goals that the others will encourage you to achieve.

My goals for the next three months:
1. Eat a cleaner healthier diet
2. Exercise most days for at least a half hour
3. Take an art class
4. Read ‘Road Less Traveled’
5. Read ‘The Happiness Project’ and create my own happiness project
6. Take time for myself to relax and stay still
7. Roll over my old work 401K to Mr. Rogue and my investment portfolio

P.S. I didn’t take photos at our first meeting because, well, I need to ease these girls into the epicness of my photo takingness. In the meantime I am making new friends! Photos to follow in later posts

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paul peggy zeus said...

Hurrah for new friends, but what is KTG?? I know it's a group. . . for support, but what does this acronym mean?

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