Monday, August 27, 2012

It was Just Supposed to be a Day to Relax

Since the past two days were full of crazy running around we decided today we would just drive over to the Fruit’s house and chill out. Of course that was how the day was supposed to go, instead I dropped off my in-laws and raced to my friend’s house. She had to put her dog down today, he was very old and had cancer that had spread to his lungs. I didn’t want her to go alone so I offered to go with her. It was such a gut wrenching, tear jerking, sad but oh so necessary thing.

Leaving the vets we were both just emotionally drained. Not ready to go home to her now one dog home we decided to do lunch. Usually Ms. Yoga is super healthy and eats a great clean diet. Today however she wanted comfort food. We settled on the best burgers in the city.



After lunch I dropped her off and then headed back to the Fruit’s house. Since both kids will be in the Philippines for their birthdays, and since getting packages to the Philippines takes forever, I decided to give both kids their gifts today. For Baby Fruit I got a Baby Bjorn. So the gift may be more for his mom than for him but I knew it would come in useful at the airport and around town in the Philippines.


Ms. Bambi, my soon to be four year old niece got a new super cute pink ballet outfit. She has been wearing the one she got when she was much younger and it just does not look like it fits comfortably anymore. The new one I got is a size or two too big so at least it should fit her for a little while.


I also got her a pair of super cute Rapunzel sun glasses. She was tickled pink over them… they even look adorable on her little brother. The gifts of course were loved but I am just so thankful I have a niece and nephew that I can hang out with. I just love little kids. Today I made cootie catchers, little paper designs that can act as little pac-man type creatures. She LOVED them.


We also spent some time playing with her numbers. She is so smart and is learning so much in her pre-school. She even showed me that she could write her name. I know I know, no names on the blog, she is just Ms. Bambi to you all, but the photo was just too cute to not post. She was so proud.


There weren’t any crazy plans today, just family all sitting around a table talking and laughing with kids running and crawling between our feet. It was the perfect evening filled with love and laughter. How I wish all of our combined families lived close so we could do this more often.


P.S. Baby Fruits little outfit was adorable. On his but the text said ‘The Wicked End’. LOVE!!!



paul peggy zeus said...

Love both of the gifts, very thoughtful of you. Bambi's eyelashes are so long, they bend underneath the glasses. lol. I know you are going to miss the fruits!

Jess said...

That burger does look delicious! Where was that at?

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