Friday, August 17, 2012

Home & Garden: Scissor Rage

Mrs. Dancer came over today for a little arts and crafts, and also coerce me into doing a little sewing for her. Apparently her friend is getting married and she is helping throw the shower. She picked up a mountain of fun fabric and plopped it down on my sewing table, a rainbow bright of color.


We got down to business, she started cutting and pinning while I sewed. We made a tablecloth and eight napkins. At one point she picked up my MUCH LOVED broken in fantastic sewing scissors and claimed they were hers. Granted they look very much alike but mine are perfect, a tiny bit scratched and broken in. The new pair that she had bought were stiff and needed to be used quite a bit before they loosened up. Needless to say once I convinced her who’s scissors were who’s and WHY hers were so tight she went into a fit of trying to loosen them. I giggled for the next hour. A maniac trying to lossen their scissors, opening and closing them over and over with a maniacal expression on her face. PRICELESS.


Crafts and giggles are fun!


paul peggy zeus said...

What are good friends for after all? That last shot of Jess, scared me!

Jess said...

I thought it just seemed like commonsense :) the more they open and close the better they get right?

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