Thursday, September 13, 2012

Home & Garden: The Dining Room

So here I am ALREADY with another post about the house, hurrah! That is due mainly to the fact that I bought things as I could when I could for various rooms when I saw them. As in most of the house got finished around the same time. But regardless I am excited that this room is done and that it came together so nicely. The dining room was the second room I completed as it is the second area that people see when they come in the house and because we like to have people over for dinner often. The dining table is a central place of the house to gather after a long day. I wanted this room to reflect the tones of the living room, since the spaces connect in a great room style.


The only piece of furniture I had was the dining room table. It is all harsh corners and square. Sadly it worked PERFECTLY for our old house and the style of the kitchen that it was housed in. This house however, with the dark chocolate floors and the warm curves of the arches, the table didn’t work well in at all. Rather than ditch an expensive and much loved piece of furniture I decided to try and make it work. But in order for it to be able to live in the space I had to bring some hard edges to the room in a stubble way. I started with a cream colored rug with a geometric design. The cream helped float the orangey wood way from the chocolate floors and the design helped the table make sense.


I continued the square pattern idea with a set of two photos accompanied by a square designed antiqued shelves. It took me FOREVER to find these shelves. Not only did they have to be shallow enough not to take space away from the people in the chairs I also was adamant about them being glass. I wanted the area to stay light and open. The opposite wall of the dining space I added a set of six individually hung antiqued mirrors.


The shelves were tricky. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to put on them but I knew I didn’t want them to feel heavy or cluttered. I also wanted to be able to take a few of the things on lower shelves and quickly put them up on higher shelves when friends or family came over with little children. In the end I now store my oh so LOVED William Sonoma cookbook collection and a few well-placed knickknacks. So many things went onto and then back off these shelves before I found a balance that I liked. The paintings above the shelves are 4 unique antique botanical sketches that I just lost my heart too.


The last piece of furniture I added was a beautiful antique table that I found online. Generally I don’t like to buy online, I like to see and feel a piece of furniture but I couldn’t find anything for this wall everywhere I looked. I happened to be browsing for ideas for the bedroom when I spotted this beauty and I just HAD to have it.


Now all the metal in the room had similar arches and curves to it. It was all slightly antiqued and for that reason they didn’t have to be the same color and tone. When I first started decorating I was always terrified that things wouldn’t match, as in they wouldn’t be the same exact color and then OH NO the room would fall apart. But over time I have learned that color is only ONE of the aspects of tying a room together visually. You can also use texture or even pattern.


As a finishing touch I created a bouquet of flowers in an oversized vase for the center of the table. I just love flowers, preferably fresh cut flowers, however the practicality of that is little to none. Plus my cat thinks he is a herbivore, any plant I bring into the house is torn to shreds. So silk flowers is the way to go in my house, at least they have come a long way in silk flower design, I can almost convince myself that they are real.


I used the same curtain material in this room as the living room and in all I think the two rooms complement each other well even if the table was out of place to begin with. Two rooms down, six more to go!


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paul peggy zeus said...

It's nice that you were able to incorporate your dining set into your new space. I know how much you loved it. You did a fine job finding all the right pieces. Everything looks like it came out of a magazine.

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