Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hiking in Tuna Canyon

Today Mr. Rogue, Ms. Pixie and I decided to get outside for a little hike. I call it a hike but it wasn’t anything that I would normally call a hike. It was hot, and I am trying to take it easy, so we just wanted to go somewhere new and stroll around a bit. And of course take pictures.

It was nice to just get out in the sunshine with my man. I found a new website, hike LA, and there were some hikes on there I hadn’t heard of before. I picked the Tuna Canyon hike mostly because it boasted of magnificent ocean views and relatively flat hiking paths. I think that hiking the canyon mountains like we have in the past would be a no no on my OBGYN’s list of requesting me to take it easy.


This is the first time in YEARS I have hiked without my large camera. Without it I feel a little funny but the Dr. stated no telephoto lens. NO NO NO. Sigh. It felt very strange. I decided to take the macro lens, a lens I don’t get to use very often when I go birding because the telephoto lenses are my favorite. I had quite a bit of fun photographing some of the smaller things on our hike.


Its fun that we can share our photographing hobby with Ms. Pixie. She borrowed one of our cameras and lenses to play around with and she got some great photos. Such a talented girl!


We were really happy that we decided not to leave the house until two. By the time we got to the hike it was 3:30 and already the temperature was noticeably cooler. Cooler however did not mean cold, oh no it was still hot. In fact with the sun blaring down on us and with walking we were working up quite a sweat. Thank goodness for the beautiful ocean breezes and the pockets of shade we found to cool down in!


The website didn’t lie, those vistas were just gorgeous. I wish that I had brought a picnic out. We didn’t see hardly any other people, a crazy thing in LALA land and eating on a blanket out on the hill would have been lovely. Next time for sure!


On the way back we took a short cut, or what we thought was a short cut. It ended up being a short but steep climb that was a little tricky. Thank goodness there were trees to hold onto for balance. And thank goodness it did in fact turn out to be the shortcut we wanted.


I had a great day with my man and I had to giggle when I downloaded my photos. Seems like our little ‘kid’ Ms. Pixie decided to jump into our photo…. Ahhh we will never truly be alone again!!! Love her crazy face back there.


I loved tuna canyon and we all voted that we would come back. Of course next time I will bring a picnic basket.



paul peggy zeus said...

Good girl not lugging that heavy lens around. I'm so glad you asked your Dr. about carrying it. Love the views of the ocean. Ms. Pixie is solo beautiful!

Jennifer Arens said...

What a memorable day!

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