Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crawling without a Helmet

I offered to watch my niece and nephew while Mr. Fruit worked and Mrs. Fruit spent time doing adult things with her parents. Mr. Fruit dropped off the kids on his way to work and I just had to shake my head. He forgot the play pen which wouldn’t have been such a big deal two months ago when the baby could only sit up, now however this baby is ON THE MOVE and without the playpen I wouldn’t be able to step away from him for a moment without worry he would dive into some sharp object. MEN!!!


Since I knew I was going to have issues without the play pen I asked Mrs. Dancer and Ms. Sweetie if they wanted to join me. As in please for the love of all that’s good come and help your poor friend. It worked out really well, Mrs. Dancer stopped by for a few hours in the mid-morning and the Ms. Sweetie stopped by for a half hour in the late afternoon. My niece Ms. Bambi is almost five and she is such a beautiful little girl. Mrs. Dancer got down on the floor and played with her while I took care of the baby. They were so cute playing together.



Two kids are much harder than one but when the baby finally went down for his nap I was able to devote all my time and attention on my niece. She is so smart we were looking through a little book she found in the toy box and she was able to pick out several letters.


Of course it would have been nice if I could get BOTH kids down for a nap at the same time. Just as I got Ms. Bambi sleeping her brother was wide awake and then an hour later when Ms. Bambi was waking up from her nap her brother decided it was time to sleep. Why oh why can’t kids coordinate this nap stuff, it would make my life so much easier.


Just as I was at my wits end at hour seven of babysitting Ms. Sweetie my cousin swung by. She plopped Ms. Bambi down with a movie and started feeding the baby. I was able to get to go to the bathroom without an entourage AND I was able to finally eat something. Ahhhh the joy of kids.


Finally nine and a half hours after he dropped the kids off Mr. Fruit arrived to pick them up. I rushed to help him pack up the car, I sure do love my niece and nephew but it was time for my nap, I was exhausted.


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Such beautiful little ones.

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