Thursday, September 20, 2012

Big Changes at Casa de Rogue

Last night I picked up my niece at the LAX airport. She is 21 years old and ready to start college and she will be living with us. YUP holy heck I have a quazi teenager, slash adult, slash crazy time in a young woman’s life that will now be living in my home. I am on one hand elated but then there is a small part of me, a part that is shaking her head, wondering what the hell I got myself into. Adding a person into a home in any situation is hard and takes growing pains. You kind of just buckle down and hope everything works out.

She has been thinking about art college for a few years. Since her mother, two of her uncles and myself all went to art college and succeeded we aren’t a family that is worried about the whole starving artist thing like some families might. Anyways The Art Institute of Los Angeles is only a seven minute drive from my home. And with five bedrooms we had plenty of room to have her stay with us.

So she arrived last night by plane, two bags carrying all her possessions lugged behind her. After chatting for a while we all went to bed, it was late for us and super late for her with the time change.

Originally I had our guest room in another room, one that shared a bathroom with what is now our computer room. But when we find out that Ms. Pixie was in fact moving in I switched the guest room to what was going to be the nursery. You see the nursery room has its own bathroom with a larger walk in closet and I knew that would be more useful to Ms. Pixie than a little baby. Plus this way I won’t have to see a messy girl bathroom every day! Win win situation for sure.

In the morning we hit the stores to get a few things. First she needed a desk and chair. So we headed to IKEA. Being from a small town Ms. Pixie has no experience driving in a city let alone a gigantic city like LALA land. Since I am such a nice aunt I forced her to drive her first day. Yup kid its time to suck it up. I figured it would be better for her to practice with me in the car helping now than try to do it on her own later.


Sadly I got distracted. I was on the phone dealing with some retarded Terminex issue and I didn’t realize until it was too late that we totally passed the IKEA. In fact I was so not paying attention that we made it to the next IKEA almost twice as far away from our house. I figured it was just extra practice driving. Yup I totally am going with “I meant to do that”.


Anyways we did eventually get to an IKEA and that is all that really matters. Ms. Pixie found a cute desk and chair just right for the room. We got a billion hangers, some curtains and a few other odds and ends. I let her do all the work on her own. She found the isles and the bins and made sure she had all the right boxes. Because I am pregnant she had to do all the heavy lifting.


Of course all that hard work, walking around IKEA and then the extra hour of driving sure worked up an appetite. We headed to PF Changs for lunch. It was her first time going so I ordered all my favorites for us to share; Sweet and Sour Chicken, Crab Wantons and Crispy Green Beans. YUMMMMMM!


I love Ms. Pixies sense of style. She isn’t afraid to be a little different and she is always trendy. Leaving lunch we both fell in love with an old bench sitting outside a new restaurant. It had a multicolored weathered stain that was really beautiful. We were both ready to chuck it into the back of the car, but it wouldn’t fit with all the furniture we bought.


After we ate we headed to Target to pick up the rest of the essentials. I hoped to be in and out quickly but we were there for a while. Tired with a full car we were ready to go home. It was a long long first day but now she can at least unpack her bags and feel like her new room has a little of her style. And yes of course once we get it all decorated and the curtains she picked out sewn then I will post photos.


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paul peggy zeus said...

I think she will grow so much out there and will LOVE LA. I'm sure you will all work out the details. :) That pic of her on the bench is awesome! Welcome to your new home, Ms. Pixie!!

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