Monday, September 24, 2012

Beach Bunnies

It is still technically week 1 of having Ms. Pixie live with us. She is currently applying to a bunch of jobs but until the interviews start we are in the ‘Lets have fun around LA phase’. Today she wanted to go to the beach, put her little toes in the ocean and hang out in the sunshine. Mostly because this is LALA land and you cannot come here without loving the beach and the other because everyone back home in Georgia is posting sweater weather pictures on Facebook. Its 90 and beautifully perfectly sunny here!

Of course we went to the very close and oh so stunning Santa Monica beach however EVERY single time I forget about the half mile desert hike through the sand to get to the water. That sand is HOT HOT HOT! Thankfully the Pacific Ocean is super cold. We didn’t actually go in, instead we just dunked our toes.




We stayed for two hours listening to the waves splash against the beach and just talked. I know eventually she will get super busy with a job and school and her own friends but for now she is my little buddy!



paul peggy zeus said...

It was so nice of you to open your home to your niece. And i love that she is your little buddy, that is so cute of you!

Jennifer Arens said...

Yes that is definitely the land of plenty!

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