Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby Brain: THE Ultrasound

Today Mr. Rogue and I went for another ultrasound. Last week the doctor was unable to find anything that was definitive. This week we were going to find out if we were pregnant or if this pregnancy will also result in a miscarriage. It was a long difficult week but with Ms. Pixie moved in I have been at least distracted somewhat from sitting around and brooding.

We got to our appointment eager and a bit early, thankfully this time the doctor saw us right away. I got weighed, still no weight gain hurrah, and I got put in a room. Within minutes of the doctor starting the ultrasound she found our baby. Everything looks good and she was even able to find a heartbeat. I was so relived. That little fluttering group of lights seemed to wash all my negative feelings away. Our baby was ok. Mr. Rogue reached over to grab my hand and we both watched the monitor in complete joy! Thank the Lord everything is good.

The baby is very small, about the size of a piece of rice, which means that I am a good week earlier than the doctor originally calculated. This also explains why she couldn't find anything at my ultrasound last week. According to the fetal pole length I am about 6 weeks and five days. The baby is attached still to the yolk sac, until the umbilical cord forms and the amniotic sac (the large circle) encloses the whole pregnancy.


For now we are overjoyed that everything with this baby is going well. I have another ultrasound in two weeks and I am going to continue taking the low dose progesterone. Now the wait continues, but at least now with a heartbeat I can feel a little more at ease.


Mrs Painter said...

Awwww yay! So excited for you both. Still praying daily. Love you!

paul peggy zeus said...

I'm so thankful he was by your side today! Everything is wonderful! Love you!!

Jess said...

YAY BABY YAY!!! So happy that journey is officially under way!

Jennifer Arens said...


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