Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baby Brain: Thank God for my Cheerleading Team

So I didn’t sleep much last night. Needless to say I was tossing and turning agonizing over my OBGYN appointment yesterday. The nurse said that she would call me in the morning, or if that I haven’t called her by 11 that I could call her. 11:00 on the dot I rang the office, it was all I could do not to sit there and stare at my phone. I was so proud of myself for waiting so I called and although they had my test results the doctor had a family emergency and well she wasn’t going to be in until later. Later being they had no idea.

It seemed so unfair, sure people have emergencies I totally get it, but I needed those test results. Finally at 4:30 I couldn’t wait anymore. They close at 5 and there was no way I could wait another day. The nurse MUST have taken pity on my because I as placed on hold while the nurse called my doctor. Those five minutes were even more agonizing than the past 24 hours.

I crossed everything I had and just PRAYED that everything was ok. I got good news. My HCG levels are doubling nicely. From my blood results last week it looks like everything is fine and I am simply earlier than they originally thought. THANK GOD.

I am scheduled for an ultrasound next Tuesday and although I have to wait a whole week before seeing that damn heartbeat I am going to try and relax a bit. All this stress, I know that it isn’t good for me or the baby. So I really have to try to be calmer.

In that 24 hours I got a text from my girl Mrs. Dancer. She was going to come over but I just wanted to be alone. So she sent a series of texts, the last being so sweet it almost made me cry. I love this girl!

“I know it is hard to say positive after everything that has happened. So I will stay positive for you. I will dream for you. I will hope for you. I will hold happiness in my heart for you.” – Mrs. Dancer

And then that evening I got an orchid in the mail. Mrs. Pool Shark went and sent me flowers and a super sweet card.

“There are NO words to describe the excitement, joy and happiness I feel for you both. Congratulations!!” - Mrs. Pool Shark & Family


And it just isn’t these two, everyone and I mean everyone is all calling, texting, leaving comments on the blog and just letting me know that they really care. I appreciate all of those hands trying to help hold up my hope. Really I don’t know where I would be without you all!


paul peggy zeus said...

Super sweet friends. I'm so happy everything is working out for you this time, it will happen, it's just got to.

Inzodda said...

You know I will always be your cheerleader :)

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