Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby Brain: Sit Down and Relax

Those of you that know me, or follow my blog, realize that I have too much energy. I always like to be going going going, and when I am not going I am working on one or more of my various hobbies. Rarely will you ever get me sitting down quietly for very long. One of the items that my high risk OBGYN and I talked about is calm and serenity. Because I am a constant go go go person and because that causes stress I should perhaps try and really slow it down for at least these next nine months.

I feel like such a slug a bug but I have been sleeping, reading or watching movies all week. Mrs. Dancer has been over almost every single day and we have taken nice long leisurely strolls and parked our butts in my comfy chairs watching movies. A few days ago she brought over the first six shows of True Blood, a vampire show that is running on tv. We watched six hour long episodes in one day. And well since I cant just sit there and watch tv I worked on my blog!


So my OBGYN is going to be so proud of me when I go into the office next week and state that yes mam, I have sat on my behind all week long! And although it was hard… it was also kinda nice!

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paul peggy zeus said...

Taking it easy. It's another new first for you.

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