Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baby Brain: A Day of Doctoring

Today was a day of running from one doctor to the next. I took Mr. & Mrs. Faith and dropped them off at my sister-in-laws house Mrs. Fruit. I stayed and hung out for about an hour and then it was time for me to leave. My first appointment was with my therapist, since I have been out of town so often I have been canceling quite a few sessions. It even got to the point where she mentioned that she hopes to see me more consistently. SIGH. So although I could have canceled today’s appointment I decided to keep it. An hour later and I was done with getting my ID kicked.

The next appointment was with my general doctor. I made this appointment three weeks ago; before I knew the exact dates that my husband’s parents would be in town. I could have also canceled this appointment but yesterday I woke up with my very first UTI. Needless to say I was thankful that I kept my appointment. Not only did I get a confirmation on my UTI and a lovely prescription but I also got paperwork to go get an official allergy test AND they sent me for x-rays on my foot. Lately I have been getting a shooting pain in my right heel pad. Both hurt after standing on them for a long period of time, particularly when I am hiking with my monster lens, but the right is worse. My x-rays showed a very tiny ity bity bone spur. Not enough to cause me any pain yet but enough to show that there may be a bigger problem. Regardless I also got some paperwork to now go see a foot specialist. SIGH.


My doctor’s appointment took forever so I had to call and reschedule my OBGYN appointment. I walked in over an hour late but they were totally laid back. I was so thankful that they were able to squeeze me in. Today is the day I got my blood test to find out if I was pregnant from my first round of Clomid. I knew that the test was going to come out negative, I didn’t ovulate according to my ovulation tests after all, and we all know that no egg means no baby. YET I still had a tiny bit of hope that the damn kit wasn’t working right and my miracle pill would, well produce a miracle. Of course my results came out negative just as I suspected they would. The doctor encouraged me to be positive, that next month we would up the dosage and the length of time I took Clomid. She said to have faith and give it time. Faith, patience and being positive is failing daily. I am so sick of WAITING.

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paul peggy zeus said...

What a Day, bone spurs, no egg, AND therapy? WOW

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