Friday, September 7, 2012

Baby Brain: Are we there Yet?

With my past two pregnancies I have bought something small to hang in my house, a cute little thing to symbolize the big change that will happen in the house with a new baby. The first time I bought a bib, Daddy’s hugs are the best, and gave it to Mr. Rogue the day I found out I was pregnant. The second pregnancy I tried to bring out the bib but it just felt wrong, instead I had to go get something new, and I ended up with the most adorable little tiny tiny baby shoes.

There was a moment where I thought about not getting something, a superstitious little niggling that maybe I shouldn’t. But that is not me, and when I was pregnant, that little item hung where I could see it every day brought me such joy. Since I have decided to celebrate the joy I decided I was getting something. So I headed to Babies R Us.

It is amazing the transformation I feel in this store when I am pregnant. With nieces and nephews and friends having babies left and right I find I am in this store about once a month. Not pregnant I walk around with this lump of sadness in my throat. It is so hard to be surrounded by something you want so badly. However pregnant I walk in with a smile of brightness on my face. Today I strolled around touching little baby outfits and little baby hats, I glanced at the newest stroller and I waited for something to jump out at me. Finally I found it, an “Are we there yet?” travel toy. Yes I hope to god WE WILL ALL BE THERE SOON.



Jess said...

I think it's perfect :)

paul peggy zeus said...

Adorable slogan for you to enjoy while your baby grows. LOVE!

Jennifer Arens said...

Wonderful! Signs are signs girl!

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