Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby Blue Turns Two

Mrs. Rambo was throwing a birthday bash for her newly turned two year old daughter Baby Blue. My life is now filled with people who have little people. Usually a party like this would leave me a little sad, but now that I am pregnant all I felt was joy. Joy at all the little adorable kids running around, joy in the fact that soon I would be a mom soon, and joy for little Baby Blue. She is just so gosh darn cute!!!



Mrs. Cutie and Mrs. Bulldog were both there with their little toddlers in tow. I don’t get to see Mrs. Bulldog often and it has been a while since I got to spend some time with Mrs. Cutie. We all had such a great time sitting around and catching up. Sadly they both live over an hour away and it is just hard to get time to get together more often.


I tried splitting my time evenly between hanging out with the adults, hanging out with the kids and taking tons of photos. It is a hard balance. Part of me would be happy just to take pictures all day, another part of me just wants to hang out and relax. Making both halves happy is difficult but I wouldn’t have it any other way!




I think my favorite moment was when the cake came out. One because it is just so darn cute to watch a little baby get happy birthday sung to her and two it is adorable to watch them try and blow out the candles. Baby Blue’s Dad supported her over the cupcake cake and then helped her blow out that pesky candle. SO CUTE.


But then the adorableness just continued. There is nothing funnier than watching a baby try to eat cake. With four two year olds there, there was plenty of messy children running around.



And then it got funnier and funnier. The cake, with its bright blue frosting, turned everything blue. Fingers were blue, faces were blue, teeth were blue and even tongues turned blue. Baby Blue was so SHOCKED to see her mommy’s tongue. The expression on her face was priceless.




Happy Birthday Baby Blue, you light up all our lives with your craziness. Love you Bunches!


paul peggy zeus said...

I LOVE TWO! it's my very favorite age for children I think regardless of the stereo typical "Terrible Two" thing which I find a horrible label for such an adorable age. LOVE the shot of Baby Blue upside down and all that blue and green cake icing! Um, Yum? She looks like she really enjoyed the bubbles.

Jennifer Arens said...

What a fun day for all!

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