Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Dinner Date

Mrs. Yoga has really been taking an active interest in helping me achieve a healthier lifestyle; from getting me on the right supplements to encouraging me in my workouts to offering some different food choices. Over the past couple of days we have been searching for fun healthy things to make for dinner. Mrs. Yoga recommended one of her favorite cooking sites online Pamela Salzman which offers recipes for good clean easy to cook food.

There were so many interesting things that we could have tried and I am sure we may in the future. For today we narrowed it down to having roasted vegetables, grilled chicken with chimichurri sauce and an eggless Cesar salad. We had such a great time in the kitchen. With Mr. Rogue gone so much I often cook and eat alone, I didn’t realize how much I missed just being in the kitchen with someone who also loves to cook.


We worked for a good hour and a half. We made our eggless Cesar dressing from scratch and our chimichurri sauce was also homemade. OH MY that chimichurri sauce may just have to be made once a week from now on, it was super delicious. We had it on chicken but I can picture putting it over almost any meat. Maybe even in a taco, oh the possibilities of finding something new that you love!


Of course it wasn’t all hard work, we opened a nice bottle of wine.


Finally everything was ready and we sat down to eat. Like I said the chimichurri sauce was amazing. I wasn’t exactly sure how the Cesar was going to taste. We used an avocado as the base, instead of an egg, and I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to taste right. HOWEVER I do have to say it sometimes, I was wrong, it was delicious. I am going to have to try more items from Pamela’s website for sure. A low sugar chocolate bar and strawberries, along with another glass of wine rounded out our night. Fantastic.


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YEAH for healthy eating!!

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