Friday, September 21, 2012

A Celebratory Dinner

One of the best things that I love about LA is the food. There are so many fantastic restaurants here and we are super spoiled. Mr. Rogue decided to take us out for a celebratory dinner, sadly I didn’t try to make reservations until Wednesday. Most of the restaurants were full but I finally found a good time at Ruth Chris. Mr. Fruit, my niece Ms. Pixie, Mr. Rogue and I all went for a very long, super tasty meal.

We ordered spicy lobster and calamari for an appetizer, Ms. Pixie’s first taste of lobster and she loved it. For dinner we all ordered steaks of course. And then for dessert we all indulged; Mr. Fruit ordered a whiskey dunked bread pudding, Mr. Rogue ordered the Apple Crisp, and both Ms. Pixie and I got the Crème Brule. DECLICIOUS!


We ended up chatting for so long. It was an epic dinner that took over two hours. Sadly I couldn’t have any wine but they ordered a bottle while I sipped my sprite. I am so happy Ms. Pixie moved in and it was such a great idea of Mr. Rogues to go out and celebrate. Welcome to LALA land darling!



Jess said...

YAY for Family Time! Welcome Ms Pixie we're glad to have you here!

paul peggy zeus said...

Everyone looks so happy! I love Mr.Rogues smile in that group shot. Ruth Chris was the BEST meal I ever ate out last Christmas. YUM!!!

Jennifer Arens said...

I've never been to RC, Will definitely have to change that! Everyone looks great!

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