Friday, July 27, 2012

There’s No Place Like Home

I got up this morning at an ungodly hour. I had told Mrs. Painter that I would just take a cab, because who really wants to get up at 4 in the morning to drive their sister-in-law to the airport, but she is so sweet she wouldn’t take no for an answer. So she got up early, she drove me to the airport in the pitch black pre-dawn and then she went back home to curl into bed. I on the other hand got to deal with airports and people and the chaos of traveling all on no sleep.

I had grabbed a large bottle of water, with all the walking and the heat from yesterday combined with flying today is a recipe I know for disaster. Flying dehydrates you and although I could have really used the caffeine I opted for just water. So I got on the plane, shoved my laptop on my seat and my bottle of water in the seat pocket in front of me so I could heft my carryon in the overhead bin. That carryon is HEAVY and a sweet man behind me offered to put it up. YES AND THANK YOU. I sat down smiling only to see the words right in front of me. Smart and Safe. I am not sure if it was an omen of bad times to come or just a reminder. I chose to believe the later.


Nine hours later I land in LALA land. Ahhh home sweet home where the heat is hot but not humid and the traffic is thick. Seriously I got in the cab, the windows were rolled down the sweet 80 some degree temperature was waving through the window and we were not budging an inch on that express way. Yup I know I am now home.


Of course any SANE person would have flown home a day earlier and I was cursing myself and my insanity. You see Mr. Rogues friends are coming to stay with us for two nights and well I haven’t been home in two weeks. Mr. Rogue has been working a ton of hours so I knew that the house would need to be cleaned, I had to pick up Rogue from Mrs. Rambo’s house AND I needed to go buy groceries so there was something in the fridge.

I had just enough time to run around like a crazy person and get everything done. But that is what keeps me young, living on the edge. Tomorrow will be a full day of sightseeing, fun and spending time with good friends and their adorable kids!!!


Jennifer Arens said...

you made me even more tired than I already am! phew!

paul peggy zeus said...

Just like Dorothy said, "there's no place like home". Now if we could figure out how she clicks her heals to get there!!

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