Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Skinny

This week I didn’t do fantastic on the exercise front. It is always difficult for me to exercise and eat well and traveling always offers its own curve ball of fun into the mix. I did think about asking Mrs. Painter a few times at the end of one of our long long days if she wanted to go on a walk for some exercise but with the heat of Atlanta and with how busy we were there was no way that was happening. I did try and eat reasonably well and then once we did get to Myrtle Beach I did pay the extra money for the gym.

With Mrs. Painter’s and my one day of downtown walking extravaganza and my two day of exercising at Myrtle Beach I did manage what I could. I was proud of myself, it wasn’t easy to make myself exercise during vacation, but what I am finding is that on the days that I do exercise, I feel better.


Mrs. Dancer has lost over 20 pounds and she attributes part of her success by creating affirmations. I think over the next few weeks I need to redefine what my goals are and work harder to trying to achieve them. For now I am happy with the successes I have had on this trip and I need to keep striving for the success to outweigh the negative moments I have.



paul peggy zeus said...

I applaud you for exercising while on vacay. Not an easy thing to do.

Jennifer Arens said...

good girl! I too agree I can conquer anything as long as I exercise that day!

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