Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pink Dress and Big Blue Eyes

Although I am still frustrated, sad, deflated about not having any children of my own yet I am so THANKFUL that I have many little babies in my life. Mrs. Rambo is now 7 months pregnant and it is difficult for her to take her rambunctious two year old with her to an OBGYN appointment. So when Mrs. Rambo asked if I could watch Baby Blue for her appointment I ecstatically said yes.


This little girl is a handful for sure. She is opinionated, she wants everything now, she has tantrums, she has vast mood swings; a typical two year old for sure. But she is also the sweetest little girl in the world. With her big blue eyes and white blond hair she’s like a little angel but when she climbs on my lap for some snuggles, pats my hand to tell me she loves me or checks out the boo-boo on my foot with such concern I lose my heart to her all over again. I want a little girl just like this one. My heart melts.



Jennifer Arens said...

ah, to be two again....

paul peggy zeus said...

What a perfect tow head! Cute!!

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