Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Philippines to the USA

Mrs. Fruit is originally from the Philippines. My brother-in-law’s parents were going on a mission to the Philippines so he went online to some chats to learn more about the country. There they met, fell in love, and eventually decided to meet. The rest is history, and they have a true modern romance story. Mrs. Fruit has been back to the Philippines twice since moving here in 2010 but this week was the first time her family has come to visit; their very first trip to the United States.


They are here for a month but I wanted to stop by and see them when they got here. Of course the kids were the highlight of the night. This is the first time the grandparents are meeting Baby Fruit and then Ms. Bambi is getting so big too fast. We had a good Philippine meal, including Tamarin soup (mom I know you love that) and we talked about all the fabulous places around LALA land that they wanted to visit. Of course there is Hollywood, Disneyland, Santa Monica, the beach, Sea World, Universal Studios and Vegas. I wish they had more time here so we could show them other beautiful parts of the United States but for now it will be just around LALA land and spending time with the family.

At the end of this month Mrs. Fruit will go with the kids back to the Philippines for six months. I am sure going to miss them all but most of all those adorable little babies I have grown to love so much. So I have to get in as much visiting and time as I can over the next month!



Jennifer Arens said...

6 months?! Holy cow, why so long?!

paul peggy zeus said...

The kids are going to grow up so fast while they're gone. Have Fun, Mrs Fruit with your entire family. :)

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