Sunday, July 22, 2012

Myrtle Beach: Starfish, Shade & Subtlety

Today was a day of sunshine and tanning or in my case shade and sunscreen. We woke up and looked out our balcony window, a perfect beautiful sunshiny day. Myrtle Beach is known for its sugar sand beaches and awesome ocean water. We took the little wood path over the beach grasses to the sand. The beach was crowded including the whole family; all 22 or so of them camped out on the beach all day.


Coolers were muscled down with plenty of drinks and everyone was having a blast in the water. We arrived and within minutes I needed the shade. It was scorching hot since it was in the middle of a heat wave, AWESOME, and since I don’t do heat very well I wasn’t too happy hanging out in the sun. Thankfully on this beach you could rent two chairs and an umbrella set up for you and taken down for you every single day. I jumped on that, there was no way I could spend the amount of time I wanted to by the water without some cover.

Even in the shade it was super-hot, so we sucked down water and ventured into the ocean to cool off. I even found myself longing for the much colder Pacific waters, because even though the Atlantic was cool, I needed COLD. Thankfully the condo wasn’t a far walk and when the heat got to be too much it was generally time for lunch and a break in the air conditioning. Even though it was scorching it was so much fun hanging out. I was tired and even managed to fall asleep for a little while.


Over the course of the week I found so much interesting stuff on the beach. There weren’t that many sea shells which was kind of frustrating but occasionally you would spot cool things. There were the little tiny crabs that blended in perfectly with the white sand. You couldn’t see them unless they moved.


Or even the larger crabs that normally only came out at night but that people found by digging. This man was looking for crabs at dusk with his two young sons and exclaimed in glee just as I walked by with their find. I always love when people show me interesting things.


We did find one weird looking shell, almost perfectly intact, any idea what it is?


And then one morning while watching the sun rise we found a starfish barely alive washed up by the waves. Although we tried to throw the starfish back into the water I think it was a goner. It was beautiful however, especially with the sunrise throwing beautiful colors across the sand. Poor little starfish.


Being at the beach all day sure worked up an appetite. The family took me to one of their favorite Myrtle Beach haunts. Mr. Pittsburgh and his family have been coming for summers at Myrtle Beach since he was a little kid so they know the area really well. Today we were going to Barefoot Landing, an area of shops, stores and restaurants all linked together by boardwalks.


Originally Ms. Pixie suggested Joes Crab Shack but the wait for a table of 9 was over an hour. We were so not into waiting that long so we swung by another crowd favorite Umberto’s. They were able to seat us right away, sadly at two tables, but we were hungry enough to agree.



After a most delicious meal we headed out to the boardwalks. Ms. Pixie and I were snapping photos and even Mr. Kingfisher joined in. Mr. Kingfisher is Mr. Pittsburgh’s cousin and is as interested in cameras as Ms. Pixie and I. We all had a great time taking photos. I always love having more photos to choose from, as if I don’t take enough, hahahaha.




While wandering around the stores the family steered me toward the tigers. Yup that’s right the TIGERS preservation fund has an exhibit where they not only show adult tigers they also let you take photos with the cubs. They bring the animals for only a few hours a day to show and for fundraising efforts. For $80 dollars I was really considering it. I mean in what other universe would I ever get to hold a tiger baby and have a photo. But I decided to wait. It was hard but I bet Mr. Rogue would love to be there holding a tiger with me. Next time I come I vowed I would hold one of the babies.


On the way back over the boardwalk the sun had begun to set. The gold’s and yellows were beautiful. I am always awestruck by the beauty of our planet. If I could imagine a perfect world it would be living closer to nature. Moments like these make any problems you have fade away.



And then, because it was awesome enough already, the universe threw us a bone. Pink deliciousness filled the sky for a very short brief time. SO BEAUTIFUL the photo does not even do it justice.


We all piled in the car for the short drive back to our home away from home. We have only been here a day and already I am exhausted I was so ready to get some sleep. Except first, we had to download the photos of the day, check blogs and Facebook, catch up on emails. Ms. Pixie and I took our dining room table and moved it out onto the balcony. That way we could enjoy the breeze, the ocean waves crashing endlessly onto the beach AND spend time doing what we wanted to on our computer. We ended up there each and every night, the perfect place to wind down after a very long day.



There was just one more small little thing I had to do before I turned in for the night. One more MANDATORY thing. You see right outside our bedroom door was an ice machine, that ice machine had a sign not to fill up your coolers for the beach. Except that sign apparently only kept people from filling up their coolers in the day. All night last night I was woken up time and time again all through the wee hours of the night and morning by people very obviously filling up their coolers. Sure I could go out and yell at them, but I thought something less subtle would work better, after all yelling would never detour all of them. So I left a little nice note letting people know that the machine was out of order, and I bobby pinned that bitch to the machine. Each and every morning I would wake up early and remove the note (usually by 5am) and each and every night that note went back on that machine (usually around midnight). And you know what, it may have been a tiny bit evil, but I got a good night sleep and the people who were already breaking the rules just went to another floor I am sure.


Sometimes you need to be Goliath, and sometimes it is beneficial to be David. It is all about envisioning your goal.

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That evening shot was wonderful! So wise of you to leave that note! Again, the family is totally photogenic !

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