Thursday, July 26, 2012

Myrtle Beach: The Day that Never Ends, Part 4: Medieval Times

To top off the end of the day that never ended was an outing to Medieval Times. Of course we got a little turned around on the way there, and it took us a little bit longer to get unturned around. Finally we found the place and met up with the rest of the gang. Oh yeah baby, my first time here since I was a wee lass.



Actually the first photo that I can distinctively remember taking I took at a Medieval Times. It was when I was seven or eight and there was a beautiful queen. I wanted the photo to be perfect and I remember my mother trying to get me to JUST TAKE THE PHOTO. Obviously the lady couldn’t just stand there all day while a child tried to composite the photo just soo. Anyways I still love that photo, and I still cherish those memories.

I WAS SO EXCITED THAT NIGHT (me on the left)

We were first given our colored crowns designating which team we were on. We got blue, which is so much better than yellow or orange, so I was happy. And then we got our photo with the princess. I was kinda bummed out, I wanted to be the princess.


And then we were ushered into the room where parents cough up a ton of money. They had us arrive forty five minutes before our show started and then proceeded to corral us in a room with a billion things for sale. Good marketing in any case. They had so many things from little wooden carvings to real metal swords. Mr. Dragon was a little upset he couldn’t get a metal knife but his parents appeased him by getting him his own wooden sword. Ms. Fairy of course wanted more clothes. She got an adorable little t-shirt.


Finally we were ushered into our tables. We paid a little extra and got front row seats which totally helped with being able to take great photos. Each section was lit up with its team colors. I loved our blue glow. And then the trumpets sounded and the knights appeared. Ahhhh blue knight you are my hero!


I really had no idea what to expect but I think that they did a really fantastic job. There was a maƮtre d who came out and gave us the rundown of how everything works. The costumes, lighting and horses were awesome and the actors did really well.


As the show started to unfold we were served our meal. We weren’t given any utensils. Forks and spoons were not invented until much later, so we ate with our hands. They served a tomato soup that you sipped, a half rotisserie chicken and some ribs along with a potato and then the most AMAZING apple pie. It was fun to eat with my hands although we did get pretty greasy.


As we ate the story unfolded. There was a bad guy who wanted to marry the princess.


The king decided to hold a tournament and the winner would then fight the bad guy for the princess’s hand.


The knights fought each other until only one man remained alive. Sadly our blue knight sucked and he was the first to die. I was totally fake pissed. Not only did I not get to be the princess but now I am also on the losing knight’s team. SUCKS!


And then in the end the Kings winning knight fought the bad guy and his two bad guy minions. It wasn’t a fair fight at all and there were moments when the crowd gasped in dismay that the good knight would fall. I was torn between watching the show and watching the kids faces. Of course evil was concurred and the good knight married the princess.


The battle scenes and the jousting were cool but I think my favorite part was the specialty horse shows. They had a gorgeous white horse that galloped around the ring in the beginning and then the master of horse, the man who trains all the horses came out and did some tricks. The coolest however was the jumping horse near the end. I didn’t know a horse could jump that high.




We all had a fantastic time although by the end I was a little drooping in my seat. It had been such a long long long day and I was ready to go back to our room.


We arrived home at 11 and all I wanted to do was crawl in bed. I had now been up and hustling since four in the morning and I was beyond exhausted. My flight however was at 5am the next morning and I still had to pack. Normally I pack in an orderly manner, this time I just chucked stuff in the bag. No folding, no organizing. Of course it didn’t go in as nicely as it should have, I may have brought way to much stuff. But in the end it got packed. Mrs. Painter, Ms. Fairy and Ms. Pixie all kept me company while I worked. I wouldn’t after all get to see them again for a while although we have seen each other quite a bit in the last year. I was sad to go, but go I must.



Jennifer Arens said...

Medieval times always reminds me of the movie Garden State...if you haven't seen it, its a must! I liked your hammish shot as a kid :)

paul peggy zeus said...

I loved that dinner in Orlando! Glad you got to share one like it with your family. Great horse jumping shot!!

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