Thursday, July 26, 2012

Myrtle Beach: The Day that Never Ends, Part 3: Ripley’s Aquarium

Of course we hit traffic on our way home from ‘The Day that Never Ends, Part:2’ so the half hour I had given myself to shower and change and maybe sit for a moment turned into a five minute frantic spaz through those things. I was late. Finally I managed to throw it together and Mrs. Painter, Mr. Dragon and I were off to the Ripley’s Aquarium. I was actually a little shocked that no one else wanted to come, I mean aquariums ROCK right?


I was mostly just thankful that this activity would be spent indoors… i.e. in the air conditioning and away from that hot hot sun. I had had enough of hot sun to last me years I think. We got one group shot in the front and let me tell you it is DIFFICULT to get an excited little boy to focus for just a moment so we can get one tiny little photo.


The aquarium part was just ok. Sure they had a few cool exhibits but for the most part the aquarium didn’t hold as much as I was expecting. I did love the Sea Turtles and of course some of the tropical tanks of fish. We ran into a very ugly looking octopus and they even had my favorite sea horses. But on a whole… it was just ok.



And then just as suddenly as I was getting bummed out we entered the large tanks tunnel. There is a people moving walk that goes under a very large tank full of fun stuff. It was completely AWESOME. Mr. Dragon was in awe because this tank held a billion sharks. More sharks than I have ever seen in one tank. It was super cool to get u lose and personal with sharks swimming straight at you and then overhead. This tunnel totally made this aquarium go from meh to wow. In fact it was so cool that we just had to go again.



After the tunnel we did find some other cool things. There was an entire kids play area on the lower level full of slides and toys. A place a kid could run and even a petting horseshoe tank. It was a good way to let Mr. Dragon blow off a little steam.



And then we found the Dinosaurs. Mr. Dragon loves all things shark, snake, spider and dinosaur. So this exhibit was right up his alley. It was fun to see him dart from corner to corner, fun to see the joy light up his face with every new discovery.


We were in time to catch one show. This one was in the sting ray tank and a large crowd was gathering even before the show started. And then ten minutes later the music started and the mermaids appeared. Two girls in tails were doing a reasonable job of flipping and spinning around under water. They actually swam and touched the sting rays.


And then in the end I gave Mr. Dragon real gold. They had a coin stamp machine and you could choose the animal you wanted. Mr. Dragon was convinced that he was a millionaire. That this was real gold and he could buy anything he ever wanted. It was totally adorable. Ahhh to believe in make believe.



Jennifer Arens said...

when I actually begin to blog again, my post about Ripley's will be somewhat similar only it will be about a 4 year old experience :)

paul peggy zeus said...

Can;t believe both my kids just visited this attraction, although not together.

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