Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Myrtle Beach: Bad Foot Curse

I feel like 007 on this trip. There is my adventuring nerdy birdy need to run away to the Huntington Park in the wee hours of the morning and then there is my racing back to be with the family for some good ole beach fun. Today I got back from my adventure and limped onto the beach. When we got back from the Park and while I was changing I got my first good glance at the gigantic blister under my toe. Ironically this is the same exact toe that I injured last year when I went to the beach in Panama city and the exact same foot where I ripped off my toenail three years ago. What this tells me is that I have some massively bad foot karma. I wonder who I pissed off for this curse, and I hope that the curse works like how bad things go in threes. Because that would mean that this is my third horrible foot injury in three years. Hear that curse, I have paid my dues.

Anyways I limped onto the beach and grandma started hustling around me like a little mother hen. The clucked around me, insisted that she take a look, insisted that I needed a band-aide to protect my blister and then went to go whip out her first aid kit. Apparently grandmas around the world have a bag like Marry Poppins in which all kinds of wonderful useful things live.


Right there in the middle of a sandy beach, Mrs. Painter brushed the sand off my foot and grandma swooped in with the band-aide. They both were so adorable… I felt much loved!!!


After our time hanging out at the beach, when the sun started to set, we headed upstairs to change. Tonight’s adventure took place at ‘Broadway at the Beach’ another cute little area of stores, boardwalks, rides, games, restaurants and entertainment. We pretty much headed straight to get something to eat. We were all starving and there was plenty of time to explore after dinner.



We ended up at Johnny Rockets and thankfully even with seven people we got a seat relatively quickly. I had never been to Johnny Rockets but I was hankering for a burger. Perfect place to get a burger I hear. Everyone ordered shakes and I really had to exert a ton of effort to resist. With my new milk allergy I am really trying hard to stay away but when delicious milkshakes on hot sunny days are offered it’s hard. The food was super yummy, I split some chili fries with my niece, a ton of greasy food for sure, it hit the spot! The only thing I didn’t like is the ‘every five minute song and dance routine’. Since I had never been to Johnny Rockets before I didn’t know we were going to be constantly interrupted with noise. The first time they sang and danced it was cute, the second time not so cute, the third time I wanted to unplug the radio. Of course I am not very good with loud noises while I am eating… pet peeve nerve hit!



After we had dinner we wandered around the stores. Mr. Dragon, my adorable little nephew wanted a tattoo. There is a booth where they spray paint them on, after they dry the tattoo can last up to two weeks. It took him a while to find the one he wanted, and it wasn’t a surprise to anyone that he picked a spider. This is a little boy convinced that spiders are his friends, he likes to hold them. We are all just hoping he doesn’t pick up a poisonous friend one day. After the artist was finished spraying on his tattoo she held up a mirror so he could see his new spider friend. I got the perfect photo, his face all lite up like a beam, that is one happy little boy!


Ms. Fairy wanted her share of fun stuff, to remember her trip, she says. In the end she picked out a shirt, because clothes are a girl’s best friend. There were a bunch of spray booths and she found a Yolo one she liked. I thought the rainbow of color turned out super cute and Ms. Fairy, she was one happy girl.


Tonight our big draw to the ‘Broadway at the Beach’ was the fireworks show at dark. Sadly even with our little shopping excursion we still had an hour wait until they were scheduled to begin. We tried waiting around but people were exhausted; long days out in the sun and all the excitement was just tuckering everyone out. We all waited for a while as a group but then since we took two cars a few decided to leave early.


In the end just Mrs. Painter, Mr. Kingfisher and I stayed. I just couldn’t leave, the fireworks were only an hour always and I just love fireworks. Also since I missed them this Fourth of July chasing baby owlets, I was ecstatic to get to see them tonight. We nabbed spots on the pier with the best views of the fireworks stand and we chatted and waited.



The fireworks ended up being incredible. I was only expecting a small little show but they really had some super big large ones going off. They coordinated it all to music. Really one of the best shows of fireworks I have ever seen. Way to go ‘Broadway at the Beach’ with a most impressive display.



paul peggy zeus said...

What a fantastically FUN filled day. Glad you got to spend so much time with your family.

Jennifer Arens said...

I'm obsessed with Fireworks, mainly because lilman LOVES them :) Its tough being on the beach, huh?

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