Thursday, July 19, 2012

Atlanta: Like Spending an Hour with a Fantastic Book

Today Mr. Pittsburgh had off from work and although Mrs. Painter had to work until the afternoon we planned to meet up. Mr. Pittsburgh along with the kids and I hit up a little shopping first. He had to find khaki pants and a white shirt for a family photo that was planned while we were all in Myrtle Beach. I love shopping with men; it is so beautifully easy. They have something they need, they have a plan, they go in, and they buy it. No muss, no fuss. We were literally in the store for only about 10 minutes.

After shopping we stopped by and saw Mrs. Painters work. Just a brief visit so I would know a little bit more about what she does and then we were off again to grandma’s house. Mr. Pittsburgh has a large family, most of them live close, and I guess a ton of time is spent at grandmas, with her pool, and her big house full of lovely people.


After visiting a few minutes inside cooling off in the air conditioning we ventured outside. Within minutes it was unbearably hot. I am super spoiled in LALA land where we don’t have a drop of humidity. The heat in Atlanta was oppressive! The only way to stay cool was by putting your feet in the water… and of course a tasty cold drink helps as well.



Oh how I wish I had been smart enough to bring my bathing suit. Little Mr. Dragon looked so absolutely refreshed swimming around in the pool. I had half a mind to just jump in the pool fully clothed but of course I don’t think that would have made a very good impression on extended family I was just meeting.


Mrs. Painter and I were sitting next to each other when one or the other of us, I cannot remember which, remarked on how gloriously tan Mrs. Painter was and how much like and albino that I resembled. Ah yes my pasty whiteness, so awesome! Of course if I had a little boy who wanted to go to our neighborhood pool every single day I might have a rocking tan as well… then again I would probably just wear 90 sunblock and wear a hat anyways.


We were sitting by the pool for a good hour visiting. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE older people. I always have. They have so many interesting stories, so many nuggets of wisdom. To spend an hour with someone over 65 is like spending an hour with a fantastic book. Sadly it was all too soon before we decided it was time to head back home. There was dinner to make and a little boy to get ready for his Tae Kwon Do class.


Little Mr. Dragon was so excited when I told him I would love to go to his class. He started showing me his moves right there in the living room, almost knocking over the coffee table in the process, and then he dragged out all his belts. Apparently there is a system to the color of the belts that Aunt Rogue knows nothing about. He very patiently laid out each belt and he beamed a huge grin of happiness with the praise that I gave him. I mean the boy is only 8 and already he is on his fifth belt. Way to go little buddy!


This was my first time at any organized class that I wasn’t a participant in. I sat with Mrs. Pittsburgh and snapped a million photos. I just couldn’t resist Mr. Dragon and all his high-yay cuteness.



After class we ventured out to Pools Mill a little park right around the corner from their house. We were hoping to find some birds but with the KABILLION degree weather we were having in Atlanta, yea heat wave while I visit, I wasn’t too surprised not to see or hear any birds out and about. But don’t worry, just because there weren’t any birds didn’t mean that there wasn’t anything to photograph.



I know that little boys have a mountain of energy but SERIOUSLY this boy has 10 times that. He just finished a very grueling and intense aerobic exercise that should have wiped him out for at least an hour but oh no that boy was running all over the park sticking his little fingers into nooks and crannies. He is convinced that spiders are his friends and that he can really talk to birds. I just adore kids, they live in a world where the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred. Just being around them I get to experience that wonder again by osmosis.



Another fantastic day with the family… that is until I got home and found at least 10 monster mosquito bites on me. Seriously they were the size of quarters. I love the east coast until I remember things like the humidity and blood sucking insects of doom. At least in lala land our bugs don’t annoy you… they just bite to kill.


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Bridges are so cool to photog aren't they? I'm sure the pool would have been refreshing and I love your smooth pale legs lol

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