Monday, July 16, 2012

Atlanta: I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane

Usually I am more on the ball when it comes to getting ready to go on a trip. This time however I was all over the place. Between having house guests, to not getting my laundry done quite on time, to the millions of things I needed to finish before I left, to not really knowing what I wanted to pack; sadly getting that damn bag packed came to the last minute. Finally I made the big decision to leave my large lens home which freed up some room in my luggage (the tripod could be left) and my carryon… that lens was HUGE and heavy. Although I am never quite sure if I will regret leaving the lens I reasoned that this was a family trip and I would be spending most of my time with the kids.


With that decision made packing finally got done. I was super sad that Mr. Rogue wasn’t going to be joining me. We are both more than OVER the hours he is working. He is at the tail end of a gigantic deadline, only a few more weeks to go, but knowing it is only a few more weeks does not make it any easier. I want it to be over now!

I am flying to Atlanta to spend time with Mrs. Painter, Mr. Rogue’s sister, and her family for a few days and then we are all driving over to Myrtle Beach for a week. It was hard on everyone around, we all wanted Mr. Rogue there. So I took a taxi, got on a plane, and left my man at home. Aside from missing my man I was looking forward to this trip. A little time with the family and a little beach time sounded fun. My direct flight went well, no issues, and a no issue flight is a very good flight indeed.


When I finally landed I was surprised to be greeted by not only my sister-in-law but also all three of her kids. Everyone but Mr. Pittsburgh come out to pick me up, Mr. Pittsburgh had to work, but don’t worry they worked out a quick swing by so I could say hi. Of course no one could sleep; we all stayed up late gossiping until 3:30am. It was late, it was a long day, we finally all curled up and went to sleep. Don’t worry kids I will be here tomorrow too!


Jennifer Arens said...

easy peezy!

Amy said...

A trip with 4 to the airport is always more fun than just 1! It was your own little welcome party:)

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