Friday, August 3, 2012

BBBS 57: Brave

I picked up Ms. Little and her twin, Ms. Lil-bit, for some mall fun and a movie. They are 13 now and getting so big but they still are on the cusp of child and teenager. They love the mall, they love to shop but also still can’t pass up a good cartoon. Of course Ms. Little is growing up way to fast, right before my eyes, and I can’t stand it. Nothing show how swiftly time goes by than to be surrounded by kids. Since the girls start school on Monday, and since they are required to wear uniforms, I let them each pick out two pair of pants for school. Their mom doesn’t have much and the girls were just going to wear their pants that I got them from last year. But I know girls, and I know clothes, and they were so happy to have new pants this year.


Of course we had the same problem last year as we did this year. We had to find the right pants that would be acceptable to the rules of the uniform. Kahki, plain pants without cargo pockets that are ‘cool’ is difficult to find let me tell you. The few places that did have them didn’t have the sizes we needed. Everyone apparently needs these pants and the selection was very picked over. Finally we found what we were looking for at Tilly’s. Both girls found their sizes in both a relaxed pair of pants and a skinny pant. Although Ms. Lil-bit really wanted shorts we just couldn’t find the right length in the time we had.


After shopping we swung by to pick up the girls some food. I have been really trying to stay on my ‘healthy lifestyle’ eating habits which means NO food court food for me. Instead I pulled out a bag of nuts I had brought to snack on during the movie. Little changes like this will make a big difference. The girls wanted to see Brave, a pixar movie that I actually wanted to see. Both girls still fight me over getting photos. They are typical teenagers worried about who is looking at them, it is almost impossible to get good photos of them now. AHHH kids. But I have bribery on my side, no pictures, no candy for the movie. I WIN!


The movie was good, not great, not fantastic. The heroines hair however WAS AMAZING. I am always awed by the beautifulness of animation, which was one of my areas of study in school. After the movie we had to dash back home. Ms. Little’s mom got a job finally and she is working nights as a guard at a grocery store. The girls had to get home before mom left so they could watch their two younger sisters.


Jennifer Arens said...

I didn't really care to see Brave....I'm sure I will however in my lifetime

paul peggy zeus said...

You are the perfect shopper, and the perfect BIG sister times two!

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