Saturday, July 21, 2012

Atlanta to Myrtle Beach: Road Trip in a Wingsuit

We had to wake up at an ungodly hour, 6 rolls around and with only three hours of sleep we all wearily get into the car. At least the ‘going to’ vacation is giving us a little mini pep to our step. We had three cars in our little caravan; grandparents in front, family car second and Mrs. Pixie and I in the caboose. First order of business was to fill all the tanks with gas and grab some snacks for the road. Because you know it isn’t a real road trip without snacks.

Mrs. Pixie was adorably excited to get on the road. We had a really nice long chat in the car about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Not sure if any of it sank in, she is at such a big step in her life, ready to jump in a direction and hesitant about making that jump. Oh how I remember those days, of closing my eyes and flying free into an uncertain future. Everything now feels more planned, more safe, more regimented. Although opportunities for adventure still are boundless the older I get the more limited I feel in getting that pitter patter of fear of the unknown. Experience is taking away some of my butterflies. But I guess that just means that I need to work harder and try to push my boundaries harder. Maybe I should take this literally and try flying in a wingsuit… that would be scary!


Anyways we, as a group, had decided to stop somewhere near the midway point to eat brunch. Grandma and Grandpa picked Cracker Barrel….. SIGH. Since I am now allergic to all things super yummy breakfast (eggs and dairy I kiss you goodbye) I was really happy that it was close enough to lunch that I could order a salad. Even with our big group of 9 we managed to get a table relatively quickly and were in and out within an hour.



For the second leg of the trip we offered Ms. Fairy to join us in the our car. I offered to drive and within 10 minutes the carb overload of breakfast along with the steady sway of the car put the girls both OUT. The job of the co-pilots is to make sure that the PILOT stays awake. Hello, girls, I am tired too!!!!! Wake up!


They really only slept for about an hour and I was thankful to get some talking back in the car, I was dragging fast. There was an accident that delayed us and then some frustration at the oh so very crowded gas station where we stopped to refuel and where we got lost. But we all managed to work it out… that is until the split. Imagine driving down the expressway and grandpas car takes the right fork and the family car takes the left fork. In that split minute decision I decide to follow grandpa. I didn’t really have time to think, but I guess following the elder is ingrained. In the flurry of phone calls that resulted in the unintended split I found out that I was supposed to follow the parents car and that I would now have to find my own way to the condo office to pick up the keys. AWESOME. It would have been nice to know of the split beforehand but I had the address and a GPS. I’m a big girl, I can figure it out.

It ended up being a good thing. Our car managed to find the condo office, we got our keys and we got to our condo without any issues and little traffic. The route the family car took got all messed up, they hit a ton of traffic and they ended up an hour behind us. We walked into our condo, got unpacked and enjoyed the beach view from our condo room. AHHHHHHH five days at the beach. Hurrah!!!!


Finally we were all settled in and even though it was late in the afternoon we all put on our suits and ran down to the beach. Our condo is in a high rise right on the ocean. We have several pools, several hot tubs and a lazy river. Everything looked nice and clean, well kept up, we were going to have a fantastic time.


We took the stairs down to the beach. My toes needed to be dipped in the Atlantic Ocean which is sooooo much warmer than the Pacific Ocean. It was like bath water, salty marvelous bath water.




Most of us just dipped our feet in not wanting to get wet since we were going to go eat soon. We are all jaded by the salt and the sand and the havoc it creates in your hair. The process of getting ready for such a short brief dip wasn’t worth it when we could reason that we would be here all week. But the kids, the kids couldn’t help but run in in glee. I love that about kids, the colossal need to live in the moment.





All too soon the sun was setting and we were getting hungry. We headed back to the condos to wash up, change and get some dinner. What we were looking for wasn’t adventure, we just wanted something short and sweet and quick and filling. A close by Chinese buffet fit the bill. YUMMMMMMM!!!! Of course my favorite part of Chinease food is the fortune cookies. Mr. Pittsburgh ended up with the ever so disappointing empty cookie; no fortune for you! I think I loved Ms. Pixie’s the best, especially after the conversation we were having today about her future.

“Killing time murders opportunities.”

Well said fortune cookies… you rule!


Dinner finished it was time to stock up on supplies. Dumb, dumb move, I guess only Myrtle Beach newbies shop on the first day. All the condos have the same schedule. Check in Saturday and check out Saturday. You can imagine the chaos and drama that surrounds Saturday’s then in this town. Wal-Mart, which was right around the corner from our condo, and our store of choice for supplies, was completely annihilated. They were out of so many things, there was not a banana to be seen and I couldn’t believe the masses of people there. Note to self, shop in the middle of the night next time or do not shop at all.

After sitting in the car all day and then the second plate I had at the Chinese buffet I decided I had to work out. The condos had a gym that you could use for an extra $15 dollars. It really wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was only a half hour, and I need to dedicate myself to getting moving every single day. It was hard to get dressed and get on the machine but I felt worlds better when I was done; besides there was the added bonus that I could join the family in the hot tub when I was done. Now that is a fantastic incentive and the perfect end to such a long long day.


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Wyndham resorts are SO nice! We just stayed in one this week and it was great! All Painter children are adorbs !

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