Friday, July 20, 2012

Atlanta: The Aliens Won’t Steal Her Brain

Today was a ‘time to get stuff done before we go on vacation’ day. There were errands to run, last minute things to buy, laundry to do, packing to finish. A running around crazy day. First thing to do when you have too much to do… go to the spa. Yup that’s right, with a plate full of things to accomplish Mrs. Painter scheduled our spa appointment first. I totally love her style, if the clothes don’t get washed or if something doesn’t get packed who cares as long as we were pampered!

Mrs. Painter, well she paints… I know you would have never guessed by her name; but seriously the girl rocks. We have several of her oil paintings hung in our house (which you may or may not get to see eventually when I finally finish decorating, hopefully sometime this decade). As well as selling oils Mrs. Painter also paints murals, and sometimes when the right business approaches her she does murals for trade. Enter in the House of Beauty. Mrs. Painter rocked that place out with so many fantastic murals and in return she gets a ton of credits at the spa to spend as she wishes. Win/Win/Win!!!


Ms. Fairy joined us, even though she went to get her beauty session yesterday with her grandma, and got some killer nails done. SO COOL. Mrs. Painter bought me a facial, so sweet of her, and while I got my face pampered she got her hair did! She is totally going to kill me for posting this photo but at least the aliens won’t steal her brain. Hi, Mrs. Painter, I love you!!!!!!


After the facial it was down to business. We stopped and got an oil change and then met up Ms. Pixie and her friend for linner (lunch/dinner), I am officially coining that name. It took quite a bit of debate at the table. I am not sure who won the most votes but I am going to say it was me and my linner.


Once we were sufficiently full of yummy italianiss we headed over to the mall. It was time for Mrs. Painter to find a white shirt for the family photo. We got her something super cute, in the first store… GASP. And because Ms. Fairy is so adorable her mom got her an adorable necklace. She loves it and they lived adorably ever after!


We got home later than we meant too and laundry got started a lot later than it should which resulted in the fact that none of us went to bed until super duper late. Nothing like going to bed only a few hours before we had to get up to leave. Early 6:30am wakeup call. SUPER FUN!

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Jennifer Arens said...

Um I beg to differ: Linner has been around for centuries. its Lundin in our house :) Laundry is lame, facials are fantastic :)

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