Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Atlanta: A Little Family Time

We woke up nice and late, which is sadly still quite early my time. I always love traveling but always grumble about that damn time change. At least here it is only a 3 hour time change, the Philippines… that was a brutal 14 hour time change. Regardless it was taking me a little longer than usual to get in gear, which ended up being fine since Mrs. Painter was at work and since Mr. Pittsburgh was still in bed (he works nights now). So it was just me and the kids hanging out.

Mr. Dragon was my little shadow that morning. He is at such an adorable age and he is such a snuggle bunny. All he wants to do is hug you, hold you, sit in your lap, lean on your; basically if that kid it touching you he is happy. So after a while, when I started feeling a little smothered, I found a way for both of us to be happy, he could play with my hair… i.e. touching me… and I could enjoy a good head rub (which is always a good thing in my book. Some would call this taking advantage of a child or even child labor, I call it utilization of resources so everyone is happy.


After the head scratch and after some more snuggles Mr. Dragon tootled over to give the family dog some love. This kid he is ALWAYS happy being draped over something. LOVE HIM!!! And he just looked so darn happy all curled around their massive German Shepard. Cutest thing ever!


And then he is off again, to do another thing, because his life, it runs in five minute increments. This time he digs out his gigantic book of animals that his grandparents bought him. He shows me the animals he knows, we read about animals that he doesn’t and then he darts off again, this time to draw. He comes back, yup that’s right five minutes later, with a drawing. I had pointed out the blue macaw in the book and he had drawn me a picture; a blue macaw with six babies. He looks at me and pats my hand and tells me one day I will have six babies too. And then he darts off again leaving me with tears in my eyes. He is only 8 he cannot know how terribly I want children and here he gives me this little gift all wrapped up in childlike wonder. LOVE. I just hope all six of those babies don’t come at one time.


I tried to spend some separate time with each kid. The girls are older and less all in your face. I spent a ton of time just talking to them both, together and apart. Ms. Fairy, my 11 year old niece, and I talked about junior high school and hair and boys and texting and makeup and fashion and the unfairness of it all. Ahhhhh to be young and care free with so many small little worries, I would love to be 11 for the day again. She seems a lot more grown up than I was at 11, I don’t remember wearing makeup or having a boyfriend or worrying about many of the things that she is at this age, but that may just be my faulty memory not remembering correctly or it is a solid fact that times… they are a changing. She is just a little girl, adorableness on the brink of becoming a teenager, god how I love this little girl.


Ms. Pixie and I spent time talking about more adult things. Mainly college, life goals, drive and direction. It is so frustrating being on the giving end of advice sometimes. On one hand I want her to make her own choices, be the driver of her own success and failures, because that is how we all learn and grow into the people we become. On the other hand I want to take her shoulders in my hands and SHAKE SOME SENSE INTO HER. I want to sit down with her and I just want to help her map out a plan. And then I want to make her do it. ARG bad aunt. So instead I just talked a lot… probably too much… she was probably rolling her eyes in her head at some of the things I was saying. And wait did anything I said even register. MOM was it this frustrating trying to tell me what to do?!?! Karma is a bitch. But then I start singing:

“Nothing really matters, anyone can see….”

“This is what it sounds like when doves cry.”

But where was I. Right Ms. Pixie. She’s 20, she’s a big girl, she will figure it out, and I love her in all her crazy coolness regardless.


When Mrs. Painter arrived home and after a bit of a rest we all got ready to go out. Dinner and bowling was on the agenda and we were all excited. Mr. Dragon really wanted to go to the Golden Coral, an all you can eat extravaganza. Dinner ended up being a little less extravaganza and a little more Jerry Springer because of the table directly next to us. Sometimes the weirdest people come out of the woodwork. Within five minutes we knew what we were in for:

Little four year old girl: “Uncle Gabe, Uncle Gabe, Uncle Gabe.” She shouts.
Uncle Gabe: “Yeah Darlin?”
Little four year old girl: “I farted!!!!!!!” She shouts.
Uncle Gabe: “Well you know it’s a good meal when someone farts at the dinner table.”

YEAH…. I will let that sink in for a moment. But don’t you worry it got worse as the dinner progressed. Thank goodness the food was good, and we had a great time in between the wildly inappropriate comments from our unwanted neighbors. I think we were all pretty thankful to leave. It was time to go bowling.


The bowling alley, Stars and Strikes, was awesome. We snagged the last lane in the black light lanes. SCORE!!! After getting organized with shoes and snagging our balls we started to play ball. I adore bowling and have since I was a kid. I did pretty well scoring a few strikes and got an overall score of 135. Both my parents are great bowlers and I used to be on a league when I was a kid. Maybe one day Mr. Rogue and I could join a bowling team. I think it would be fun to go once a week and see how my game would improve rather than just going once or twice a year.


We only played two games, by then we were all pretty beat. Besides Mrs. Painter and I had to get up relatively early tomorrow and it was late. We had a fun night filled with family that I don’t get to spend enough time with. Love this family!



Jennifer Arens said...

Nice little visit :)

Amy said...

That was just the beginning of the many adventures we had. Can't wait to practice my game, maybe I'll get within a 100 points of you next time.

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