Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Baby, A Godmother & a Baptism

Today was Baby Fruits baptism, we all put on our Sunday best and gathered on the church steps early. Baby Fruit is seriously the cutest little thing ever and his parents are over the moon about their beautiful baby boy.


Mrs. Fruit wanted to wait until her parents were here to baptise the baby. And since her parents trip kept getting pushed back further and further we weren’t sure if the baptism was going to happen anytime soon. But just like that we found out that the visa’s have been approved and a flurry of plans were set in motion. I had a little trouble trying to squeeze in the godmother class before the due date but I managed and everything was set into motion.




We waited in the pews while other baptisms were being performed. The church was old and beautiful and we all sat chatting quietly passing the baby from loving arms to loving arms. Everyone wanted to hold and cuddle the little guy. Then finally it was time we filed up to our places and the ceremony began. The pastor was so sweet and I just adore the expression on Baby Fruits face when the water was poured over his head. No crying here, this baby is too happy.



I cannot believe how many people showed up at the church. I just adore the Philippine culture. They are ALL about family. Mrs. Fruit has been here a little over two years but she has managed to build a community of friends and connect with distant family.


Mr. Rogue ended up having to meet me at the church. It is frustrating that his work schedule takes him away from big events but by driving separately he could at least come for the service and a bit of the party. With everyone paying so much attention to Baby Fruit we made sure to give extra attention to Ms. Bambi, his big sister. I even brought some stickers, because this girl LOVES HER some stickers.


At the party afterword’s we all dug into the buffet and chatted. YUMMM Phillipine food, cake, friends and an adorable baby. Perfect day.





Jennifer Arens said...

Yes, Philippine food is soooooo good! Beautiful family!

paul peggy zeus said...

Sweet! Godmother too! What a great family shot too. Their family has the right idea.

sommer taufkleid said...

Awwwwwweeee Very cute baby, Congrats........

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