Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Skinny

Hurrah it is the third week of my 30 day elliptical goal and I totally rocked it. Not only did I exercise each and every day but I also managed to go above and beyond a few days. I ate pretty well this week so I was proud of myself and then I got even better news, I got on the scale and I was down four pounds this week. SO HAPPY. Lately I have taken to only weighing myself on Sundays, because the daily or twice a day or even sometimes three times a day weigh ins was getting a little out of control. With focusing on once a week weigh-ins I am focused during the week more on exercising and eating right than on the number. This week I have also been trying to up my life exercise. By parking as far as I can from the store I am going too or by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I need to make these changes consistent. Now they seem strange or like they are wasting time. I am always in such a hurry, but really it only takes a few extra minutes and the potential benefits over a long period of time will eventually get me to my goal.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Four pounds in one week is an amazing accomplishment!!

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