Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Skinny

This week I did great. Nothing bad happened to derail my goal. I ate well, I exercised everyday, I even packed healthy food a few times when going to visit friends. I managed to avoid overeating and it was fantastic. If every single week could be like this week then it would almost be easy to lose weight and get to where I want to be. My friends too have been super encouraging and that always helps. Little texts or calls just to make sure that I am on track, friends to celebrate my successes and push me just a little harder when I fail. This is the second week of my 30 day elliptical challenge, the challenge ends right before I leave for Atlanta in two weeks, but unlike last time after my 30 days are up I am going to try to continue this challenge to 60 days. Because the only way to success is to exercise and moderation… moderation… moderation!


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